Homosexuality, Transvestism, Macy's, McDonald's, and Thanksgiving!

When you wanted to watch Thanksgiving Day parades in the good ol’ days, networks used to have cameras which showed the parade.  You would have to endure commentary full of terrible jokes from Level Z celebrities and news reporters who had drawn the short straw, but you could always turn down the sound.

A good number of years ago, this began to change: promotions for movies and especially Broadway shows began to replace coverage of the high-school marching bands and balloons of cartoon characters.  The off-key shouting which too often constitutes Broadway-style singing these days, along with clumsy lyrics stuffed with too many syllables, began to dominate the “parade” coverage.

And so this morning, knowing that we would not be seeing much of the Macy’s Thanksgiving  Parade because of this trend, but prepared to mute the song-and-dance sequences, we turned on NBC.  Around 9:15 or so, we were astounded to see a bizarrely dressed crew of homosexuals and transvestites mincing and prancing around yelling about the joys of their “lifestyle.”  Which freak show they are promoting I did not bother to discover.

So I checked the listings and discovered a Chicago parade sponsored by McDonald’s.  We switched channels to WGN, and hoped that we would not be assaulted by something morally objectionable.

But no! We were greeted by a “performance” of a Christmas song medley by the “Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus,” again complete with transvestites, who occasionally grabbed their rears and did a bump and grind while singing Christmas songs!

As of today, McDonald’s and Macy’s have forever lost my business!  I will be sending them letters of protest, which will also be sent to NBC and WGN.

But you know, as well as I do, that my protests of outrage will do no good, that they will be seen as the opinions of a crank, a bigot, reactionary, a religious fanatic who is intolerant of “gay” people.  You also know that many Americans are now so morally numb and in some cases morally dumb that they simply shrug at such outrages, because they can no longer feel outrage, and will just change the channel and not bother to protest.

I am not intolerant: but I do not want children exposed to perversion, and worse, I do not want children propagandized by television to think that sexual perversion is somehow a different kind of normal.  (Nor do I myself want to see such things!)  Homosexuals, transvestites, etc.  should be equal before the law, and not discriminated against.  But I am tired of being told that I must accept them as “normal.”  By definition, they are not normal: if they were, they would constitute c. 90% of the population, not c. 10% or less.  I am tired of seeing sacrileges against religion, and specifically Christianity, e.g. Christmas songs accompanying what might be called “air sodomy.”

Imagine a song-and-dance number deriding homosexuals as unhuman, as animals who should be caged and put on display in freak shows: would that be tolerated and shrugged at without protest?

“You can always change the channel.”  True, but that does not address the deeper problem of toleration of an atmosphere that is deleterious to our society.  That their “lifestyle” should be paraded on morning television as acceptable, that they can perform sexual dances to mock the birth one of the greatest religious figures in history, and that they dare us with impunity to protest, all show how far America has declined morally.

The barbarians are not at the gates: they have breached the gates and are demanding that we forsake civilization and join their barbarous kulcher.

So give thanks that – so far – we have the freedom to write and read our little protests here at RedState!  Because you know that our opponents want to take that liberty away!  Give thanks and pray that we may persuade people that tolerance of the kulcheral termites gnawing away at us from the inside is not high-mindedness, but moral blindness.