Leftists, Socialists, Communists: Lend Me Your Liberals!

I remember the time when books in America could be banned for “offensive content,” when “banned in Boston” Yes!  BOSTON!) was a badge of honor for authors pushing for realism in their novels (realism = sex scenes or filthy language) or for the freedom to discuss potentially offensive topics in non-fiction.

Liberals were the ones pushing for nearly absolute FREEDOM OF SPEECH because they were positive that the Founding Fathers would have supported their drive to eliminate all restrictions on it.  Those trying to defend the preservation of earlier standards were called Stalinists or Fascists for daring to “abridge” our glorious Freedom of Speech and of the Press enshrined in the First Amendment.

Groups like the (in)famous American Civil Liberties Union were constantly in the news suing governments, whenever it dared to ban a book or movie or to censor parts of them.  Liberal politicians and (especially) liberal judges began to tear down the idea that e.g. pornography was harmful in any way, or could not be protected as “an exercise of free speech,” rather than a public exercise of glands.

And so by 1971 practically absolute Freedom of Speech was upon us.

Except today…to turn the famous line of George Orwell’s Animal Farm rather on its head, some people’s freedom of speech is less equal than others.

We see that while pornography is defended and allowed, while crap on television is defended and allowed, while leftists can claim any lie about anything, while porno “stars” are not audited by the IRS because of their “movies,” while TV producers of obscene idiocy are not hassled or threatened by the IRS because of their scripts, while e.g. Paul Krugman has not been hassled, threatened, audited, or interrogated because of his many patently false statements, Conservatives who dare to speak out or found a group of like-minded citizens (the violation of Freedom of Assembly has not been mentioned enough in the outrage!) are in fact targeted, hassled, threatened, audited, and yes, let’s use the word discriminated against by a LIBERAL government.

Leftists, Socialists, and Communists are notorious for abridging and eliminating Freedom of Speech when they take over: Hitler (Socialist), Stalin, and Mao (Communists) were the 3 most famous examples from the last century.

How ironic that Liberals have today –  more than ever before – marched into the extreme behavior of their formerly distant cousins, the Communists.

Power tends to corrupt….