Why I Remain Fearful of the Future, But Must Stay Optimistic!

I read articles and stories every day about how Romney is slowly inching to a lead here and there, that the election is still a toss-up, that states in a miserable economic condition are still voting for MAObama.

How is this possible?  Unfortunately the answers are not good, even if they seem to be.

Answer I. The election will not be close, because the MSM is full of liars suppressing and distorting and even inventing information.

If that is true – and it very well could be – I should feel relieved, knowing that the Republicans have convinced (possibly) 53% of the population to give them a shot.   Yet in another sense I feel no relief, because what does it say about a country whose “Fourth Estate” is willing to lie to the population for the sake of a highly dubious political philosophy, namely Socialism/Communism, a philosophy tested in the fires of History and found to be worthless?

I feel no relief when I know that the press, the kulcher, and especially the educational system are all geared for the intellectual, moral, and spiritual debasement of America, and want to replace our virtues with the static, oppressive, moribund egalitarianism of European Socialism/Communism.  Their attacks will continue no matter who wins in November.

I feel no relief when the evidence of our problems is so obvious that Romney’s lead should be at 75% or more,  thereby preventing the lying MSM from even attempting the slightest distortion.

Answer II:  The election will in fact be very close, because Americans have changed from a “can-do” to a “don’t-wanna” nation, and have bought the idea from 18th-century Revolutionary France that the rich owe the rest of the population a living because the rest of the population are the ones who have created wealth for the rich…even if they did not.

I fear for the future that a near majority of Americans (yes, Romney’s 47%) “don’t wanna” be free individuals and responsible for their own lives, and are preferring the caresses of government.  I fear for the future that too many Americans “don’t wanna” do their best, but “wanna” receive awards and entitlements anyway.  I fear for the future that too many Americans “don’t wanna” be bothered with the facts, are too busy with videoized idiocies to notice the barbarians breaching the gates, and “don’t wanna” be bothered with the consequences of their own behavior.

My screen name is deliberately chosen: Ausonius was something of a Renaissance man 1200 years before the Renaissance: he was a teacher who became the tutor of the future Roman emperor Gratian;  a general who defeated barbarians; a politician at the top of the empire in the later 300’s A.D., a farmer, and a poet of some worth.

When his former student Gratian was assassinated, and the empire dissolved into chaotic civil war again, Ausonius threw up his hands and retired to his plantation in France, and died about 20 years before the Germanic tribes sacked Rome in 410 A.D.

We are not exactly  Rome in the 300’s A.D.   Many things are different, and those differences may be saving differences.  Somebody asked me recently  if onerous taxation was the reason Rome fell.

The question assumes that Rome fell for one reason alone : such an error is called reductionism, and in History reductionism is almost always wrong.  Rome fell for very many reasons, and no single reason would have been enough to bring about the collapse of the empire.  Taken together though, the empire reached a breaking point.

So will onerous taxation alone cause America to fall? No.   Will reducing the military to an extreme level alone cause America to fall?  No.  Will falling behind in outer space alone cause America to fall?  No.  Will poor schools and having a large minority of the population propagandized and unthinking  alone cause America to fall?  No.

Taken together with other problems, however, any one of them may in fact be the final stab which sends the corpse to the Morgue of History.

This is why – no matter what happens – I remain fearful of the future.

And yet, because I am an American, I must stay optimistic!  I must and will never surrender to the forces of decline around me.  For the sake of America’s future we must continue on behalf of rational Conservative principles, which we know will save us in the end, to speak out, to encourage, to persuade, to argue, to explain, and to refuse to rest even when we win a tactical victory.