Rod Serling and BIG BRObama's Anti-American Foreign Policy

And so… BIG BRObama says that the murder of an ambassador and 3 other embassy staff by Islamofascists is a “bump in the road.”

His minions claim that it was nothing big, and that Romney is blowing it out of proportion to create “a campaign issue.”

But we expect such an attitude from someone who “leads from behind,” the stupidest phrase ever uttered in American History as a guiding philosophy.  Here is why this should not be a surprise: the attitude and the non-reaction to the attack – including the non-reaction to the intelligence reports warning of such  an attack – stem directly from the belief that America is guilty of so many crimes against the Third World, that such attacks are partially warranted as just vengeance against a racist and imperialist civilization.

The evidence is both in his writings and speeches and in his actions and inactions.  For example, in Dreams of My Father on page 101 one sees a list of his “carefully chosen friends” which includes “Marxist professors” who could not possibly be pro-American, at least in any recognizable sense we would agree with.   And then there is the (equally carefully chosen?) minister and friend, the anti-American “Rev. Wright.”   One sees the images of MAObama’s constant bowing before foreign leaders, e.g. the King of a country which has no religious freedom and forbids the building of a church, oppresses women, and has other quaint customs, e.g. the country beheads people for causing fatal traffic accidents.  One hears MAObama whispering to top Russian Medvedev that he will have “more flexibility” in making America’s defenses more inferior in a second term.

Any foreign policy debate should go – should easily go –  against BIG BRObama.

Many years ago, Rod Serling played himself in a TV drama called The Man in the Funny Suit.  Concerned that comedian Ed Wynn will not do well in a live TV drama written by Serling, the writer growls: “He’s going to stink and 70 million people are going to smell him!”

At the next debate, I urge one thing, a paraphrase of a famous line of simple English.

Mr. Romney: tear down this wimp!  I want “70 million people to smell” the stink of the first anti-American president in History.