NY Times Readers Drunk On MAObama's Kool-Aid: Big BIrd's Unemployment and Mental Illness Experts

I was absolutely fascinated by the delusional – and therefore absolutely scary – comments on an article in the New York Times about BIG BRObama’s post-debate attack on Romney.
By somebody from New York:

If Romney is already threatening to take away Big Bird, just imagine what he’ll do to you once he’s elected.

It takes an idiot go on live national television and threaten to shut down Sesame Street, repeal the affordable health care act, and then promise to bring Democrats and Republicans together in some Utopian style dream.

By a man from Seattle:

He’s delusional. I think he’s is so used to getting what he wants he doesn’t understand the world outside his own.It’s who wins the “after-debate” that counts. For example, as Romney’s “I’ll fire big bird” remark (even though that’s not quite what he said) goes viral, translated into Spanish, etc., it could wipe out all his supposed insta-poll gains.

Really?  Will people really reconsider voting for Romney because Sesame Streeta multi-million dollar operation – will need to fend for itself completely now?

By a New Jerseyan:

Romney’s new centrist pitch isn’t Etch-a-Sketch, it’s bait-and-switch. It’s a skill he honed at Bain Capital and will knife the country in the back with once he’s elected.

The question is whether an informed electorate is skilled enough to ignore the rabid punditocracy who demand that this race tighten – despite the reality of the Electoral College that Romney has few realistic outlets by which he can succeed.

“Rabid punditocracy” demands that the race tighten?  Really?  Who was claiming that the race was over?  That ten-point leads made it worthless to worry?  Why would the same “punditocracy” demand that the race “tighten” when they want BIG BRObama to win?!

By a Mainiac:

Anyone else see Mitt the insensitive and arrogant high-school bully last night in the way he treated Obama and Lehrer? Hardly presidential material.

All I can say is: leftist CNN polls had about 2/3 of Americans seeing Romney winning by using the truth: who was the one shaking his arrogantly, refusing to look at his interlocutor, and smirking and sneering his way through the debate?

By a New Yorker:

So now we know how Romney’s psychopathy works. He tells people so many things that their heads spin, so they don’t even know what he said when they empower him to do whatever he wants.

By a man from Tennessee:

I was not the least surprised by last nights debate. Time and again Mr. Romney has played fast and loose with the truth when behind in a political race. He did so during the GOP primary in SC against Newt Gingrich who called him a liar and he did so last night. Mr. Romney is a sociopath, prone to lying without remorse and until the media and the Democratic party call him out on his lies, he will continue to do because the only thing that matters to him is winning at any cost. Just look at his record at Bain.

Bankrupt a company, destroy workers lives, no problem as long as he came out ahead.

Again, are they really seeing a psychopath or a sociopath?  Do they know what the terms mean?  Romney turns people into the possessed Linda Blair?

Lying to win at any cost?  Who has approved ads saying e.g. that Massachusetts “dropped to 47th” place in job creation, when Romney was governor, when in fact it rose to 47th…from 50th ?  Who claimed that when he said “If you have a business, you didn’t build that!” he did not mean what he said?

And should we look at Romney’s record at Bain?  Like the successful investment for Staples?

By a Texan, if you can believe it:

I was reminded of a passage in the Odyssey where Odysseus wrestles with Proteus, a sea god who is able to transform himself into other shapes. No sooner does Odysseus get a good hold than his opponent transmutes into a porpoise or some other slippery sea creature. I felt sorry for Obama, and incensed at Romney.

Well sure!  When you see the provider of your Entitlement Kool-Aid biting the mahogany like a toothless termite, it makes you angry!

When you get angry, you read the New York Times.  When you read the New York Times, you write stupid comments under its articles.

When you write stupid comments, Conservatives rightly mock you.