A Conservative Response To The Colorado Massacre

First: I am not a gun owner, and have not had an interest in spending one cent on a weapon.

Second: I believe the Second Amendment has already been abridged quite enough by legislation.

Third: As people have pointed out, it is obvious that, if people with concealed-carry permits had been present at the theater, the shooter may not have killed or wounded quite so many people.  I have read that the theater does not allow anyone, even those with permits, to enter with a weapon.

After news of the Aurora Massacre was reported, the response of the mainstream media and other left-wingers, e.g. the mayor of New York, was easily predictable.  More gun control, more laws, more restrictions, until the Second Amendment is gutted completely.

Why is the left-wing so obsessed with eliminating weapons from the civilian population?  The answer would seem to be obvious, and unpleasant: so that complete control over our lives can be more easily attained.

They will tell you that it is for our protection, for the elimination of crime.

They will tell you it is part of their plan to perfect society, not unlike their plans for the elimination of poverty, and for universal “free” health care, and full employment, etc. etc. etc.


The Conservative knows that attempts at even coming close to perfecting society are doomed to failure.  Leftists believe in control, using both science and pseudo-science (e.g. global warming theory) to assert the reasonableness, if not superiority, of their intentions to make your life safe and comfortable…using their definitions of “safe” and “comfortable.”

The Conservative knows that such a life is not worth living.  The free life means facing the risk that another human being will use freedom against you to perpetrate evil.

The Conservative knows, therefore, that the free life requires courage and faith to face the day when life allows evil to happen.  The free life also requires the wisdom of preparedness to prevent evil or to stop its advance by risking one’s life.  The Leftist would try to prevent evil by restricting freedom to ever greater degrees.  But for the Conservative the prevention of evil has limits, so that maximum freedom can be enjoyed by the lawful majority.

The irony is that the Leftist’s utopian attempt leads to less security, as criminals – because they are criminals – will obtain whatever they need to perpetrate crimes, while the law-abiding will be following laws which disarm them.

As proof that having practically every citizen trained in weaponry, including assault rifles, and owning a small arsenal, will lead to less crime, I offer one word: Switzerland.


I can agree that civilians should not be buying e.g. bazookas and C4 and other items giving them an edge over the police. A complete laissez-faire attitude on weapons is not my intent here.

The Conservative knows that life can be chaotic, but faith in a higher purpose of some sort, faith that somehow life will make sense eventually, bears him through adversity.  The Leftist, often lacking faith in Divinity, runs to government, a purely human institution, to address the times when chaos hits.

Courage and faith, rather than begging for government programs in an unrealistic and impossible attempt to stop the chaos of life, and the wisdom to be prepared mentally, physically, and spiritually for violence from lunatics, are the virtues Conservatism offers at such times.  I can imagine that, for families of victims, wanting to turn the clock back and stopping the lunatic by banning everything, perhaps even the manufacturing of the weapons, would be a yearning both understandable and yet mocking.

Life is flawed, and humans kill each other for the worst reasons, for no reason, and at times for reasons insane and impossible to fathom.   No matter how much a leftist agenda promises security to us with ever increasing limits on our freedom, the chaos of life will seep out and thrive temporarily.  The Conservative accepts this, and battles evil with a virtuous freedom to swing his fist, rather than with the rattling of impotent chains.