Using the Whole Brain: Republican Establishment/Romney Campaign In Need Of Advertising Ideas

It is time for RedStaters to come to the aid of the Romney Campaign: I have sensed the frustration building through various topics and through people on Talk Radio.

For example, here in Ohio, for weeks now, we have been bombarded on television with “Bain Capital” ads from either MAObama or his minions.  Even small cable networks (e.g. SPIKE) carry them. The only response so far (July 10) has been that BIG BRObama tells lies (according to the Washington Post) with a sound-bite of Hillary Clinton protesting BIG BRObama’s lies in the 2008 campaign.

The problem: the MAObama ad is fairly specific: one version shows the usual unemployed hard-hat worker, with quivering lips, talking about how Romney basically ruined his life, before moving on to torching the orphanage and the old folks’ home.

It has been noticed that Dems are all about the Right Brain: emotional appeals with falsehoods or distortions are often found in their ads.  It has also been noticed that Republicans have too often been obsessed with the Left Brain: charts, statistics, and “logical” appeals, as if they were speaking to the cousins of Mr. Spock on Vulcan.

How did that work for us in 2006 and 2008?

My intention here is for fellow RedStaters to publish their ideas for campaign ads: we cannot just show a chart about the economy going downhill and therefore “Vote for Romney!”

We have often written here that using MAObama’s own words against him – in context – is a strong argument.  Those ads need to be balanced with real people (preferably not the cliches seen in Dem ads with men showing 2 days growth of beard and farm women wiping their hands on aprons) commenting on how they feel betrayed, disappointed, etc. and why they are now switching to Romney.

So let’s show MAObama proclaiming how he worked with the Catholic Church in Chicago, and then switch to a Catholic saying how the Hell-th Care Bill is taking away Freedom of Religion.

My wife is presently frustrated by the silence about what the Republicans plan to do about Health Care, if they can repeal it.  Then what?  What is the Republican plan?  Here is an idea: no Republican Health Care Plan should be more than 20 pages or so, shorter if possible!  Some ideas, which I am just throwing forth here, would be: Tax deductions for all health-care services, tax exemptions on savings accounts for health care, transferring insurance between or among jobs, etc.  Tax breaks for companies offering insurance for pre-existing conditions or catastrophic illnesses.

Whatever Republicans plan as a replacement, both the proposed legislation AND the message about it need to be precise, brief, and delivered by sympathetic people, not a disembodied Caucasian voice, no matter how mellifluous.

Using something like this in a campaign ad for Romney would be rather dynamic:

Followed by Americans – not the voices of disgusted post-menopausal women, which are the ones usually heard in attack ads – expressing their dismay at the national Democrat leader’s dumb comment.

So I invite everyone to relate what they would like to see or hear: we need to use both sides of the brain in our campaign.  I do not trust that polls showing 3 out of 5 Americans or more thinking that America is on “the wrong road” will necessarily translate into a Romney landslide.  BIG BRObama right now is using classic “repeat-the-big-lie” strategy, because it worked in the past.

Why start telling the Truth, when that would hurt you?  Our side needs to proclaim the Truth as often and as precisely and as forcefully as possible.

So please sketch any ideas for ads here: we know that assorted Republican politicians either are members or read our essays.  Perhaps someone will take notice!