The Left Knows How To Create and Sustain Outrage...Where Is Conservative Outrage?

It is happening again: the Left takes an incident that can match their distorted views of  AmeriKKKa and push it on a daily basis to foment outrage and sympathy for their distorted views.

The Left has taken the Trayvon Martin case in Florida and pumped it into a myth symbolizing – in their opinion – “everything that is wrong with America.”  Protest rallies thousands of miles away across the country make the news, even though the facts of the case are still under investigation.  The “MainStream Media” of course joins in most willingly.

Conservatives also have an incident which they could run with and give outraged speeches about at protest rallies, an incident affecting not just American security, but that of our allies in Europe and elsewhere, namely the whispered assurances by the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that the Russians just need to be patient until after November, and America can be more easily disarmed.

As of March 31, 2012, a search of Google News shows well over 35,000 hits for “Trayvon Martin.”

For “Obama Open Mic” one receives barely 1,000, with most 3 days old.

Allow me to pose therefore a series of questions:

Should not every American be appalled, whether of the Left or the Right by BIG BRObama’s “secret” admission of his future intentions?  (It seems that the reaction in Poland contained more outrage than in D.C.)

Should there not be daily protests in front of the White House demanding MAObama’s resignation?  Or at least one his patented kowtowing apologies, except that this time it would be to the American people and our allies?

Should not Republicans be hitting this topic every day in the House, Senate, and in the various presidential campaigns?

Or am I wrong?  Is BIG BRObama’s statement, which will be delivered “to Vladimir,” really nothing to worry about?  Was it just an easily mocked “gaffe” and ultimately meaningless?

Should we really just send the whole thing down the Orwellian Memory Hole?

To be fair, the “MainStream Media” is of course nothing of the sort: it is truly the LeftStream Media.  As a result, it is quite possible that such protests and speeches would be ignored.  One recalls e.g. Glenn Beck’s 2010 rally, which was pooh-poohed and ignored by the major networks, even though hundreds of thousands showed up to “restore honor” to the country.

It seems that the individualistic nature of Conservatives often works against us: I will admit myself that I do not like to join things, and that I do not “play well with others.”  We also of course tend to concentrate our energies on useful and productive activities, rather than picketing unindicted people’s houses and giving speeches based on fantasies.

And yet, I fear we ought to be learning from the Left that repetition of a claim – even if  the claim is false – tends to make that claim seem true and correct in people’s minds.  Allow me to remind everyone of Vice-President Cheney’s biggest regret from his 8 years with George W. Bush: their decision not to bother countering the constant repetition of lies and distortions made daily by the Left.

Should not the Truth, along with the basic, logical concepts of good government established in 1776, be supported and repeated at least as often as the lies and political fantasies of the Left?

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