Events of August to October 2012: The Political Necessity of an Operation Against Iran

Opponents of The One True Leader in his first term (2008-2012) often lamented his lack of action against the Iranian government.  This paper will show how – as usual – these near-sighted enemies of The People misunderestimated  The One True Leader.

Brilliant as always, The One True Leader played the weakling for years, biding his time, waiting for the right moment.  While Jews and the obsolete faction known as Conservatives criticized his seeming lack of action, he confounded them suddenly in early March of 2012.  Stating that he would support Israel against Iranian aggression, and would authorize an attack against the Islamic Republic of Iran, The One True Leader showed the power of Orwellian Principles on the Forgetfulness and Inattention of The People.  Boldly claiming that he did “not bluff” ever, that he always desired to defend the Israeli state, he set the stage secretly for further action.

Did The One True Leader actually desire to defend the aggressive warmongering Israelis?  Of course not!  But the opportunity was always there for a brilliant political play to win the election in November of 2012.

Declassified documents show that special forces were prepared in the winter of 2012 and ordered to deploy to the ships in the Persian Gulf  and secret Afghan bases at the beginning of the summer.  The military of course balked at the timing of such an operation because of the summer heat in Iran: certain generals and admirals complained that such action ought to have occurred years earlier, before the Iranians had extra time for hardening their targets.  The One True Leader brushed these military concerns aside as irrelevant, as all military concerns truly are!

Only the political aspects of a problem are valid!

During the August Republican convention, special forces infiltrated Iran and began destroying certain installations.  The One True Leader announced ex post facto that the situation had become intolerable, and that the covert operation against Iran was unfortunately a necessity.

Independents re-assessed their opinions of The One True Leader, and re-focused their attention on the great victory.  Republicans and Conservatives were effectively prevented from criticizing him during the admittedly short operation.  No loss of U.S.S.A. personnel occurred, thanks to the small number sent into Iran, and that the attacks in September and October were conducted by remote control.

The Iranians understood that the attack was nothing personal: it was strictly politics!  Within 2 years they had rebuilt everything, and were back to countering the true aggressors in Israel, who, feeling betrayed by the refusal of The One True Leader to eliminate Iran’s nuclear program completely, launched their own attack in 2017, which wisely in his third term The One True Leader refused to support, preferring the more difficult path to a lasting peace.

With the Iranian extermination of Israel in 2017-2018, peace in the Middle East – a dream for so many decades – became a reality at last!

July 14, 2089

Submitted as part of the Undergraduate Program in Liberal Studies  –   Alinsky University  –  Chicago, U.S. S. A.




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