To Lukewarm Catholics, the 54% Who Voted For MAObama, and Their Bishops: Wandering in the Economic Desert of Abortion for 40 Years

A few weeks ago I was initially heartened by the reading of a letter at Sunday Mass  here in Ohio from the Catholic bishop of my diocese:  the letter attacked the mandate in the so-called HealthCare bill forcing churches to pay for abortion services in their insurance contracts.  It was unusual to hear the local bishop, or any bishop, attack the U.S. government for a policy.

About halfway through the letter, which seemed rather assertive, I concluded that I would be disappointed by the leadership of the American Catholic bishops.  One big indicator was the lack of the name “OBAMA” in the letter.  Nowhere was the name of the pro-infanticide, Democrat candidate for president in 2008 mentioned as the one responsible for this policy.  Nowhere was the Democrat Party mentioned as the one primarily responsible for this assault on Freedom of Religion and on Conscience.

I concluded that –  again – we would be given lip-service with very little action.  The last weeks have seen no further action.  A Google news item search today (Feb. 27, 2012)  shows the story at a low level, after spiking several times early in February.

Have there been public rallies in D.C. led by the top American prelates demanding our basic Freedom of Religion, demanding that, if the government wants to enable the killing of members of every new generation, then by God Almighty the politicians responsible will pay a price by being opposed by Catholics?  Are any rallies being planned?

I hope to be called unfair: perhaps plans are circulating.  The most I can find right now on the Catholic bishops’ website is an e-mail form to send to senators and representatives. 

A large question loomed: why did they not see this coming?  Were they so naive, so blind to MAObama’s pro-infanticide record, back in 2008?  WHY were they not advising Catholics of the risks of voting for a party that stands for abortion, “free” contraception, homosexual marriage, and the perpetuation if not promotion of higher levels of poverty?

The answer is that too many bishops, priests,  and lay Catholics  agree with Democrats on a majority of issues!  They agree with Democrats on throwing money at “the poor” without looking at the long-term consequences.  They agree with Democrats on being opposed to practically all wars regardless of the circumstances, and on cutting spending for national defense.    And they agree with Democrats that governments should offer “free” health care!

And so why this outrage against what has been an obvious danger? 

 Is it because money – direct from the Church and its institutions –  is involved???

For around 40 years the main plague in America, a silent, insidious killer, has been the unleashed force of abortions, the killing of a human being according to the theology of the Catholic Church (and of other religions and according to basic logic, since human beings do not give birth to e.g. simians or cetaceans).  One would think that the Catholic Church would have been leading some sort of resistance movement against it, especially by targeting faux Catholic Democrat politicians.

But no: “pro-choice,” “pro-gay-marriage” Kennedys and Kerrys and their ilk are still treated as if they do not sanction anything immoral: again, this transcends abortion and includes the litany of immoral ideas found in any platform from the Democrat Party.

In essence: the American Catholic  Church has looked the other way on abortion and other immoralities  because it feels the “concern for the poor” and the anti-military bias of Dems counterbalance them.

That the bishops now huff and puff somewhat can only be ascribed to their concern about money: paying either for the mandate or paying the fines must really be something they did not expect from their Democrat allies.  The only conclusion about “left-wing Catholics” and their bishops that I can make is not pretty:

The status quo of abortion is America is not something to become too upset about…unless it involves the Church’s bank account.

In contrast to this expediency, in contrast to this general silence, I offer scenes from Lutheran pastors speaking out against Communism a generation ago in East Germany, where Protestant churches were centers of resistance to the Communist regime.  In contrast to this pusillanimity, I offer the Polish Catholic bishops who refused to back down in the early 1980’s from their support of Walesa, even after a priest had been murdered by the Polish secret police.

I will repeat that I hope I am wrong about the ultimate intentions of the bishops about opposing the mandate and accepting a diminution of religious freedom.  The Cardinal of New York gives me an impression that – perhaps –  the compromising and soft-touch approach of previous decades  is fading away.

Christ had something to say about believers who are are neither hot nor cold,  who want to protect the status quo and not let their faith rock the boat : He called them “lukewarm” and their fate was also “not pretty.”

Check the Apocalypse (Revelation) Chapter 3:15-16!