The Qatar Connection To The Egyptian Riots: Follow the Emir

At first glance, one could wonder why an Emir of a tiny desert country like Qatar would risk supporting a “democratic” revoultion in Egypt?

Would he not be risking his own overthrow?

Such are the contradictions of the Middle East, but the Emir of Qatar is apparently willing to take the risk. From certain contacts in Alexandria, who are Coptic Christians and who are deathly afraid (if not downright certain) that the “democratic” revolution will be hijacked into the creation of a state hostile to Israel and Christianity, I have learned that the Emir of Qatar has been funneling as much as $50,000 to assorted protest leaders to lead the revolt toward a radical Islamic state.

Sceptical of my sources (they obviously could well be biased), I began digging into why the leader of a tiny country with no standing army and populated mainly by Bedouins, would be spending his money supporting Egyptian radical Islamists.

It turns that out precisely because he cannot be a major player in the traditional sense (militarily, or through population), the Emir is forced to express his ambitions in non-traditional ways.

In classic Middle Eastern form, Qatar has been playing footsy with both sides for years. After booting his father out of the palace while the “old man” was in Switzerland (“Extend your vacation permanently” was supposedly the message), the present Emir has been backing radical Islam through his support of the Muslim Brothers and through his financing of Al-Jazeera, the infamous pro-Islamofascist TV network started in the middle 1990’s. At the same time, he has allowed the U.S. to establish bases in Qatar: thus he receives protection from the U.S. while simultaneously working for its destruction, along with the Western Christian tradition in general.

Classic Middle Eastern politics indeed!

By supporting Al-Jazeera, the Emir buys a philosophical/theological influence across the Arab world. And through his banks, he is now also buying more direct influence! The Qatar Islamic Bank is the largest global network of banks compliant with Shari’a Law.

In 2008 it announced record profits of $1.6 Billion dollars. They have branches throughout the world, and have expanded greatly in the last 3-5 years. The government of Qatar is its largest shareholder.

None of that has to be especially sinister at all, except that one of the goals of the radical Islamists is the establishment of a parallel banking system following Shari’a law, in the hope of replacing Western capitalism.

SO… the odds that the Emir of Qatar is indeed attempting to buy a radical Islamist revolution in Egypt are extremely good.

And again the incompetence of the West, especially our State Department, in understanding the doublethink mindset of many Middle Eastern leaders is astonishing!

Unless of course certain leftist, anti-Jewish, “we should feel guilty about being Americans” elements in our government are happy with those developments!

Two especially good articles found in my research: