The Importance of RedState, Your Vote, and Your Life

Have you wondered if your one vote, out of several hundred million next week, will really make a difference to America?


Have you wondered if your life, out of several tens of billions of humans who have ever lived, will make a difference, or has any kind of importance?  As a member of RedState, you undoubtedly have wondered about this question with a more religious flavor in your thoughts than members of certain other sites.  You most probably believe that Divinity of some sort exists, that it somehow takes notice of you, and that therefore you play some sort of role in the ongoing History of the Universe.


Keep that last idea in mind!


Perhaps you have written comments here at RedState, and nobody responded.  Perhaps you have written diaries, and they were never commented upon, never recommended, and seemed to have dropped off the list rather quickly by the end of the day.  Let us assume that your comments or your diary were in fact highly insightful and full of inspiring ideas.  And so you become discouraged or even angry that your voice was not heard.


I am here to tell you that you still made a difference, that you helped to improve America and thereby the world, even if not one person read your writing! 


How is this possible?  Because by participating here at RedState you are contributing to an Atmosphere of Righteousness.


Physicists have been wondering about tiny “quantum effects,” i.e. the actions of subatomic particles, and whether they might be involved in human consciousness.  Some scientists have theorized that the quantum world may be how we influence each other.  A good amount of nonsense by non-scientists is available on this topic: true or not, what has been obvious to any student of the human condition is that good examples of behavior tend to be spread slowly, and that bad examples spread quickly. 


“Senators are good men, but the Senate is a beast” was a Roman slogan whose truth no one doubted.  Normally good people could suddenly agree to the stupidest actions under the malign influence of a few.  More recently the Broken Windows Theory (formulated c. 30 years ago by James Q. Wilson and George Kelling), wherein people clean up deteriorated neighborhoods and create an atmosphere of order and cleanliness, was famously used in New York City during the Giuliani years to reduce crime.  This idea has worked in other crime-filled cities as well.


The point here is that RedState is an important fixer of broken windows in America, a creator of an ideational atmosphere where the virtues of personal freedom, personal responsibility, and familial and national duty dominate socialist tenets on reducing those virtues to create a mediocre and nearly robotized world of “Fairness” and “Security,” and where government subtly hijacks the role of a religion. 

When you participate here at RedState, either as a writer of comments or diaries or as a reader, you contribute to the creation of a moral atmosphere echoing, symbolically at least, the words “Let there be light” of the original creation.


And so let us assume that a new visitor to RedState skims through the pages, and notices all these diaries, and all these comments, and your writing is among them.  The visitor reads nothing you wrote (and perhaps neither did anybody else).  No matter!  By adding your words here, simply by having a box with your name and a title on it in the lists, you have participated in the act of creation, and have added a few raindrops to the shower nourishing the desert in an attempt to stop the Sands of Leftism.


If your writing has quality, all the better!


And so yes, as Wisdom has shown throughout the ages, the one small act can have repercussions larger than the act itself.  Your one vote for freedom, your essay on Candidate X, and your perusal of the RedState website, are all important for the preservation of a free, moral, and creative atmosphere in America.


The planet will still rotate and revolve, whether you vote or not, whether you participate at RedState or not.  In a few billion years, we are told, the planet will not exist, absorbed by a swelling, dying sun.  But will the story of the human race be slightly better – or slightly worse – because of your life’s contributions?