$165 BILLION Union Pension Bailout: What Happened To The "No More Bailouts" Promise?


The above article will give you more details about a new outrage. 

Senator Casey of Pennsylvania has offered a “consolation prize” to unions for not getting “card-check” legislation through Congress (i.e. forced unionization of workers).

He has proposed a $165 Billion dollar bailout of mismanaged union pension funds.  This is in opposition to the administration’s promise that there would be no more bailouts.  One supposes that the fine print on BIG BRObama’s promise said that it is wrong to bail out banks and car companies from now on, but bailouts for unions would of course be quite fine.

We ask: why is this happening now?  Would this not be a bad time to add more negatives to the deficit?

Of course it would, but Dems do not care about that: they can always squeeze us for more taxes.  And where is the outrage?

Because our attention is focused elsewhere: if you follow the news, you are watching the oil opera in the gulf, or the latest Palestinian outrages against Israel.

If you are sick and tired of the constant incompetence and deliberate wrecking emanating from MAObama and his minions, you are watching perfect games in baseball or bikinis (or Speedos) or anything to relieve the chronic gloom coming out of D.C. right now.

Sorry, but we need to focus on this latest attempt to pay off unions for their sycophantic support of BIG BRObama and the Dems.

I myself have not had much time to visit RedState and comment in recent weeks, but this issue has forced to me publish this rather short diary, in the hope that others will spread the word with me.