They Cannot Put Us All In Jail: So Do NOT Feel Helpless!

Various RedState members have in the last hours expressed fear and helplessness in the face of the rolling snowball of MAObama’s Hell-th Care Bill.

If it passes, and if the illegality of its passage is declared – improbably – constitutional, and if the FedGov attempts to enforce this monstrosity, you – an American – are not helpless!!!

Because every philosopher and patriot and soldier of freedom – from Epaminondas of Thebes through Charles Martel, Don JuanJohn Locke, and Abraham Lincoln to Ludwig Von Mises and our troops in Afghanistan – every one of them would affirm from Heaven above that you would then have the right to stand up and refuse to obey such a monstrosity, and to rebel if necessary against the government!

This is our great Western Tradition, which started when average Athenians rebelled against the dictator Isagoras who was supported by Spartan troops, and drove them out of their city.  Although that happened 2500 years ago, we still bear their torch of freedom!  Or at least we are supposed to bear their torch!

We cannot let cowardly mediocrities like  B. Obama, N. Pelosi, H. Reid, and the other pusillanimous villains make us feel helpless!  We would be disgracing those Athenians who crawled up the rocks of the Acropolis to preserve their freedom.  We would be disgracing every American who has fallen for freedom from Lexington and Concord to Afghanistan today.

If this is the first step in a grab for dictatorial power, remember this: if we are brave, they cannot put us all in jail. If enough of us refuse to become or to remain sheep, and at the same time protest this attempt at dictatorship with a rubber-stamp Congress, we will preserve our Constitution and our freedom to live without a nanny-state micromanaging our lives!

And the odds that our police are unthinking robots, who would follow orders to enforce such a monstrosity, are – I believe firmly – very low.

So, no American should ever feel helpless!  We have too many examples before us to forbid such feelings!