MAObama's Coördinated Media Blitz for Hell-th Care: Coming Soon!

You know this is coming: leftist pundits and politicians have signaled that between now and the State of the Union Address there will be another media blitz, like the failed one last summer, to convince everyone that the Hell-th Care Bill is a really, really, really good idea for America.

Like the one last summer, there will be a coördinated media extravaganza pushing some specific ideas, which the Socialists hope will counterbalance the logical objections from intelligent people. Such economic and moral objections will pale in front of the emotional appeal of the bill, they hope.

A pundit on the George Stephanopolous ABC Sunday show tipped her hand and mentioned that this blitz to sell, push, and otherwise throat-cram their liberal castor oil will be starting on January 3rd.

Look for the following claims: deficit worries will be pooh-poohed. In fact the Socialists will claim the whole deficit argument from the Republicans is an excuse to cut “aid to the poor, the elderly, and the unemployed.” Such a demand will be called “unconscionable” and “unfeeling.” In other words, the Left will again stereotype the Republicans. Plus, they will harp on the counter-argument that Republicans increased the deficit for the phony War On Terror and the unnecessary War In Iraq. Republicans, therefore, are Scrooge-ish hypocrites, who want to prevent poor and even middle-class children from receiving proper medical care.

Soros crony Roger Hickey of the Campaign for America’s Future gave an interview the day after Christmas detailing the plans to attack Republicans on the deficit-hypocrisy issue.



On moral issues of abortion and euthanasia (not overt euthanasia, but greasing the slope thereto), abortions will still be allowed surreptitiously, and Section 1303(b)(3)(B) will prevent insurance companies from emphasizing this fact to customers. The Mikulski Amendment also has language whereby abortions can be called “preventive care.” Reid’s “Manager’s Amendment” does nothing to prevent assisted suicide from being paid for or to prevent rationing of critical care.


But all of this will be ignored, in the leftist tradition that facts cannot be allowed to stop what feels right, and instead you will hear the opposite: the agitprop will push the BIG PRINT lie that abortions are not paid for and that “death panels” are just a ridiculous lie from Republicans and radicals. The truth in the fine print they will say is being “distorted” and “misinterpreted.”

Lather-Rinse-Repeat for a Right-Brain Blitz: America needs to care for the poor, the elderly, the unemployed, and all those less fortunate. Quibbling about deficits and believing distortions about death panels and abortion taxes are standing in the way of caring for ALL Americans!

So brace yourselves for ads from unions, Soros-groups, the Dems, and of course the usual “news interviews” on the MSM from Dem politicians and Dem “experts,” interviews which will turn into agitprop talking points for MAObama’s continuing War On America.

You can also expect the left-slanted polls to rise in favor of the plan: this will then be used as “evidence” that the Hell-th Care Bill is being accepted “as Americans learn the truth.”

Keep your minds and computers sharp, and your intention true: combat the Propaganda Plague, wherever and whenever it rises in the next weeks!