Murder In Chicago vs. Henry Gates: The Silence and The Fury from the White House

You might recall the NObama moment when he decided to interfere in the arrest of Henry Gates, his professor friend who was arrested for bad-mouthing a policeman, when a neighbor thought that somebody was breaking into Gates’ house.  It turned out that Gates himself had broken into his house because he had lost his keys.  Gates over-reacted when the police arrived, and went into racial hyperdrive about the misunderstanding.

NObama decided that this was the moment to call the policeman “stupid” and to pontificate about Race In America.  For over a week this incident dominated the press, ending with a “Beer Summit” at the White House.

Contrast the opening of NObama’s mouth in this incident to its lockjawed silence this past week on the murder of an Afro-American honor student named Derrion Albert in NObama’s base of Chicago.  Would this not be the “bully-pulpit” moment for the most successful Afro-American in our history to address black-on-black violence?  To address the idiocy of gang warfare?  To condemn the murderers for taking the life of a young man with great potential for the future and ruining the lives of his family members?

Even the liberal Juan Williams on Fox News was outraged by NObama’s silence.

But perhaps NObama has gotten used to Chicago’s Afro-American teenagers cannibalizing each other: I offer this from a Chicago Tribune article on the murder, from a woman describing teenagers’ reactions:

“First they cry,” she said. “But then they shake their heads and continue with their day, because it’s become so commonplace to them. It’s like, ‘Oh well, another bump on the road.’ They go on because it’s the only way they can deal with it.”

Now, Latiker wonders how she can possibly make room for Derrion’s headstone. Latiker created a memorial two years ago to honor the young people killed in Chicago. Each time a child is shot, stabbed or beaten to death, she adds a stone to the memorial wall.

“We have 163 stones right now, but we are 20, now 21, behind,” she said. “I thought, well, I hoped, I dreamed that there’d be more space on the wall than kids being killed.”


We see – and hear from his silence – that black-on-black crime is of no interest to NObama. He obviously was much more interested in trying to charm the Olympic Committee to choose Chicago for 2016 than in addressing the murder of Derrion Gates in that city.

Perhaps he also considers the murder of children in Chicago “commonplace” and of no interest?