Proof of NObama's Arrogance: The Hegira To Minnesota.

If the present resident of the White House really were a centrist, and not a leftist radical, if he were really interested in bringing people together, if he were really interested in working with “the other side” (whether you define them as Conservatives or Republicans), one thing is clear: on September 12th he would not have escaped to Minnesota to be massaged by a prefabricated crowd of sycophants.

Imagine the drama if NObama had in fact gone out to speak to the 1-2 million people of 9/12!  Imagine him saying that he now understands their fear, or at least apprehension, and that after perusing the polls from both liberals and conservatives he will listen to what they want, and go back to the drawing board for a health insurance bill that makes sense, that is not 1,000 pages of fine print and pork.

By doing so on that day, his presidency might have become “historic” and if he followed through in that hypothetical speech, he might be guaranteed a second term.

But the arrogance of his ideology, the contempt for the huge majority ( 75%-85%)  who want nothing to do with Hell-th Care NObama style, and the resulting blindness to reality are not only disasters waiting to come to fruition domestically, but have the capability of being national and perhaps even civilizational disasters through international affairs.

As Russia allies with Venezuela, while Nobama censures the Hondurans who threw out a wannabe-dictator, as Iran and North Korea and Syria go back to nuclear triangulation, while Nobama pushes away Israel, the one clear outpost of freedom in the Middle East, next to fledgling and soon-to-be-abandoned Iraq, as the Chinese continue to expand militarily and in outer space, while NObama cuts American military and outer-space programs, as smaller countries cut taxes and spending to become economically prosperous, while NObama promotes the socialistic War On Business guaranteed to prevent prosperity, the future of America  becomes ever darker.  

All of this from the personality of a man who showed himself – in his writings – to be angry against his own country, who – in his own writings – showed himself at odds with the basic beliefs of his own country, who associated with radicals hostile to the basic structure of America.

On September 12th, the present resident of the White House could have proven that he did not really mean what he had written, or that he had at least changed his mind.  He could have proven that maybe he did “hang around” radical Chicago hate-mongers out of pure political opportunism, but that now he was changing, and listening to the people, and not explaining away their opinions and concerns as racism or as ill-informed.

Our hope for that change was dashed on September 12th by his Hegira to Minnesota.