Hillary Clinton for President: 2012 and The Gravity Of Discontent.

I have been wondering for a few weeks about Hillary Clinton and what she – and Billy Jeff – might be thinking when they see NObama’s numbers attracted by the increasing gravity of discontent. An article about her campaign fund still having several million dollars in it also hit my suspicious antennae! (The article naively wondered what was going on: what could be the purpose?)

Rasmussen reports that Hillary defeats Palin in a theoretical match-up, and that Hillary’s approval is at 79% versus NObama’s 42-45%. Rasmussen also details liberal talk wondering about a challenge for the nomination if NObama tanks further.


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Knowing that the Clintons’ desire for regaining power is hardly sated – and has undoubtedly been insulted by NObama and his Chicago Wrecking Crew – could one predict that she will resign before Christmas and quietly start sabotaging NObama, while raising war funds for a nomination challenge in 2012?

Again, check those approval numbers: Hillary 79% NObama 42-45%!

So what happens with Republicans if Hillary decides to make a challenge for the nomination? Time to eat some popcorn and watch the house divided fall?

Or would she have a good shot against any Republican? e.g. Hillary defeats Palin (our strongest candidate according to some) in a theoretical match-up by 12 points.