No Prisoners! Why Any Health-Care Compromise Is Dangerous!

As of 9:00 this morning (Aug. 17th) Drudgereport is carrying a news item saying the White House is willing to eliminate the “public option” and enrage the Howard-Dean Left to pass some kind of health care reform.


Number One: Why would we want to give NObama any kind of appearance of a legislative victory? Why would we want him to seem like a 21st-century Great Compromiser, bringing reasonable people together to effect a grand reform?

Number Two: Why would we trust anything about this proposal? This president’s pathological lying is on record, attested to by videotapes showing him lying or at least not telling the whole truth about his proposals. So why would we think that there would be no Trojan Horses in any “compromise” bill?

People have already found one large Trojan Horse for health care in the Porkulus Bill: I wrote about this on Saturday:


The Dems, especially in this administration, have no trouble being duplicitous, and therefore no compromise can be trusted!