To General Merrill McPeak: Why Pelosi's Congress Buys 8 New Planes, But the F-22 Program Must Be Cut!

We live in times that are beyond satire: American life IS a living daily satire!

Without a trace of shame or irony, our Congressional Democrat majority decides it must spend half of a billion dollars on a new fleet of luxury airplanes.  Just a few weeks earlier, these wise leaders had decided that the Air Force does not need a full fleet of cutting edge F-22’s for defending American territory, allies, and interests throughout the world.

In the Wall Street Journal of August 10, 2009, p. A9, Air Force General Merrill McPeak (ret.) states that for more than 50 years not one American soldier or Marine has been killed or even wounded because of enemy aircraft in a military engagement.

Let me quote two parts of his essay:

In an argument they seem to think makes sense, critics say the aircraft has no worthy opponent—as if we want to create forces that do have peer competitors.

And he concludes:

Our guys on the ground had hard work to do, but when they looked up, they saw only friendly skies.

For the life of me, I can’t understand why we should wish to change this.

“We” probably do not want to change our present status of air superiority, but the Democrat Party does.  To answer the general’s question, they wish to do this because they philosophically are pacifist relativists.  The pacifism part is obvious: any military spending is dangerous, showing the country’s tendency toward violence against other innocent countries.

The relativism is also obvious: why do we wish to be dominant and better than other countries when our violent, racist, genocidal, planet-killing heritage disallows us any sense of a higher morality or purpose?! Relativism means desiring all things to be equal, wanting a level playing field in everything (no matter how illogical).

There is an exception: they prefer a lopsided field tilted against anyone claiming to be better in any way, i.e. America. American exceptionalism and Western Civilization in general cause most of the world’s problems, economically and politically enslaving the poorer nations of the world, says the Dem’s philosophy.

So, General McPeak, you must understand that the lesson of Orwell’s satire Animal Farm has taken root in America among the Dems in Congress and – apparently – among those electing them: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”