To The Republican National Committee: Publish the Worst Parts of The Dems Bills


I have just visited the website of the Republican National Committee. www.rnc.org

Allow me to be brief: it is a “crappy” website!  I can find and read the 2008 Platform, whenever insomnia hits.  I can buy a stuffed toy elephant, whenever my stuffed-toy-elephant desire gets too strong.

Here is a suggestion: Quote the lies from Obama, Pelosi, etc., when they say, e.g., that people will not be given abortion on demand through the Health Care bill, that people will not be forced out of their present insurance plans, etc.

Then find the parts in the Democrat bill which contradict the lies and publish them!!!

John Conyers, Democrat of Michigan, recently estimated that it would take two lawyers two days to read the Health Care Bill.  I am sure you have more than two people at your offices right now, who are playing WarCraft IV or PacMan, instead of bringing you another cup of coffee.

Why not put them to work combing through the 1000+ pages, which if enacted will help to turn America into a 17th-rate country, so that people have easy access to facts for countering the lies?

Also, where is John Boehner’s alternative plan to what the Dems are pushing?  To paraphrase a famous villain’s phrase: “Why so late?  Why so reactive?”

Thank you!