The Children Are Watching, Mr. Obama!

Update: April 7th, 2016

The essay below is nearly 7 years old, published therefore when the shenanigans of the current resident of the White House were in their early stages.

I am updating it because of an incident involving my wife, who is also a teacher. She is currently tutoring students with Asperger’s Syndrome, a kind of autism where the person is more functional than someone with “full-blown” autism.

Recently one of her students, an intelligent but erratic boy who is very socially inappropriate with his peers and adults, was expelled. He had been at odds with his Mathematics teacher and decided to imitate the current resident of the White House during the times he speaks with Republicans and does not like what he hears:


The current resident of the White House had also erected his middle finger in a similarly pseudo-innocent fashion during one of the 2008 election debates with John McCain, and has been seen doing it several times since.

The 14-year old disingenuously claimed he was “just rubbing his eye like Obama” and had done nothing wrong. After the expulsion, which event shocked the boy, he reconsidered the wisdom of emulating the jejune antics of the Moron-in-Chief.

My wife and I have been revisiting the miniseries John Adams
from a few years ago. We remarked upon the manners of the 18th-century, and wondered what Adams and Jefferson, Madison and Monroe, and of course George Washington would have thought of this massively disastrous fraud of a president, of his puerile behavior and equally puerile “rhetoric,” and what they would have thought of his double election.

The incident with the student is a microcosm of the last 8 years with the current resident of the White House: infantile, sad, and something that should never have happened.

If only our electorate had expelled this “hater” of America!

And so the title of the below essay from 2009 seemed very appropriate for this incident:

My students are 6th through 8th Graders at a Catholic school: most are of average intelligence, some are brilliant, some are dull.

What unites them is their ability to spot an unqualified phony: most were appalled by the presidential election result in November, but they tried to be optimistic.  As the months have gone by, they began asking me more and more questions about why you, Mr. Obama, were doing certain things which made no sense to them: being children, they simplistically use the term “hate” to describe what they hear about your positions.

Ironically, they pick up most of the talk about you through the mainstream, pro-Obama press!  And yet they ask me e.g. why you “hate” the pro-life position?  Why do you “hate” business people who earn more money than average?

I usually try to temper their language, and have explained that a politician often does not “hate” something: he simply thinks a certain idea will get him elected.  But in your case, after going through your books, I think you really do “hate” the idea of allowing all babies to be born.  I think you really do “hate” the idea of letting people become rich, with the exception of yourself and your Soros-style supporters.

When you lie through the use of phony rhetorical techniques (e.g. “They” and “Some people”), remember that the children are watching.

When you lie by saying that negatives are positives (2 million jobs lost = 2 million jobs saved), remember that the children are watching.

When you criticize the police as “acting stupidly,” and you do not have all the facts, and then you refuse to apologize openly after the facts prove you wrong, remember that the children are watching.

When you blithely admit that you do not read bills that are passed by the Democrat Congress, bills which they have not read either, remember that the children are watching.

When you ignore fraud committed by ACORN and others on your behalf, remember that the children are watching.

And if the children are watching, maybe more adult Americans are watching and thinking about what you are doing than ever before!