Stoping the Liberal Machine

As it stands now, those of us who claim the status of conservative have some deep questioning to do of ourselves, though not the questioning some of our current leaders would have us do.  Our core conservative values are not the reason they cannot win elections, they are simply looking for an excuse to conform with the left and maintain their power.  No, the questions we need to be asking ourselves is: just how far is too far?

By this I simply mean that there is a point of no return, when the freedom that Americans have fought and died to defend will no longer be viable because of the destruction that will have been wrought on our economy and rights as Americans.  It will be at this point that we will have but two choices.  Either we will stand and fight, and i mean that quite literally, or we will go the way of the Wiemar Republic.  Not so much the Nazi part of that, more the lack of anything approaching freedom.  Tyranny is Tyranny, regardless of whether it puts on the facade of Communism, Fascism, or Monarchy.  This is, hopefully, far far down the road, but we may not know exactly when we have reached it.  And if we reach it, there will be no hope of pulling ourselves out of the pit of repression without doing it in a very un-American way, by force.

The only way to avoid this fate is by utilizing the chinks that have begun to show themselves in the liberal machine’s armour.  The success of proposition 8 exhibits a huge gap between the moral beliefs of minorities, and the moral beliefs of the Liberals that is becoming more and more reliant upon them for reelection.  If we can make it known that we are much closer to their moral beliefs, than we can also make it know that the handouts they receive from their leaders serve only to lock them deeper and deeper into the cycle of poverty.  They are being made into 21st century serfs without having any clue.  It is not their fault either.  If I had to live from paycheck to paycheck, i don’t think politics would carry much weight for me either.  A government handout would probably seem like a gift from God. What we can do is come up with a better solution to eliminating the problems they face such as gangs and all the violence that comes with them.  Then and only then can we help all in poverty see that Republicans are not the ones pushing them into poverty, but that they are held down by the shackles placed on them by liberal entitlement programs.

You may or may not have noticed that I have refrained from using the word Democrat.  This has to do with another chink that may be even easier to exploit and could possibly have a much greater effect towards our cause.  The Liberals have recently won many formerly Republican districts and Senate seats in the South and in other places as well.  This might seem like a bad thing, but think about this.  As the party leadership of Reid and Pelosi move further and further towards the fringe left, the more conservative democrats will feel less and less in touch with their party leaders, and there are more of these center-right democrats then you  might think.  This is due largely to the fact that the voters in the newly democrat-represented areas have not swithed political philosophies.  Very conservative (for a democrat) people were needed in order to have a chance at defeating Republican ( but not necessarily conservative) incumbents.  As these D-cons as i will call them become more and more disenfranchised as they are ordered to support radical legislation that they do not agree with, we may see a fracturing of the Democrat party.  What or leaders can do to facilitate this is to provide a consistent and united front of our Conservative values.  They can reach out to these D-cons, but not for the purpose of converting them.  If a center party is formed by these d-cons, imaging how much more efficient our legislature would be.  We would no longer have to fight the specter of Socialism at every turn, and it would be much easier to get conservative laws passed.  As it stands now, a party must have absolute control to get anything on their agenda done, and compromise means one side totally caves to the other.  Imagine if a compromise meant that in order to get the Cap Gains reduced, we had to at least allow abortion in the first trimester (for the record I am Catholic and agree with the Holy See on abortion, but this would be better than the FoCA).  The idea of even reducing the C.G.T. would be totaly impossible, even if we manage to take back the House and Senate and even the Presidency in 2012.

These are but two ways out of a multitude that allow not simply conservatism, but the United States of America as so many have died for to continue as a free nation.  The leftist policies that we see before us are clearly the beginnings of a slide down a steep slope towards Government domination of every aspect of our lives.  As more and more fall into the Pitcher Plant like maw of the Wellfare state, it will become more and more difficult to pull ourselves out, until finally the only option left will be to saw a hole throughout the side.

It is up to us to see that this does not come to pass.