What issues are urgent for GOP?

In light of the results of the midterms election, and now that the dust is settling, the question comes as to what issues are or should be priority for the elected GOP/conservatives.

Social/Economi issues

1. The first major issue is health care. The GOP, conservatives and a majority of the nation (based on polls) wants to repeal the Obama-Care and restart from scratch. The Democrats and President Obama say being willing to modify items, but not repeal.
Given that the Senate is still in Dem hands, and being realistic, I think there is much better luck for the bill to be heavily modified to meet our concerns (GOP and conservatives) than for it to be repealed. As much we want to believe the House will repeal the bill, neither the House nor the Senate would want to lock down the cycle. And so I think a compromise will be done, where many of the bills crazy provisions will be removed and replaced with ones which makes sense.
I also think the GOP/conservatives rep will make it so that the bill is a lot shorter than its awful 2000 pages {hopefully and thank God).

2. Tax cut. We (GOP/conservatives) want for the Bush tax cuts to be permanent for all, while the dems want for tax cuts to be permanent for people earning less than $250,000 ,while does earning above would be taxed.
I think on this issues, there will be for sure a compromise, where the tax cuts will be extended for all for 1-2 years and the GOP will hope/work to get a GOP president and permanently extend those tax cuts.

National Security/International Relations

1. Get back to a full support of Israel against Hamas, Iran, Syria and other countries.

2. Become more tough with North Korea and Iran. The US government has been trying to talk and negotiate with them for ages. Time for discussion is over. Time for action and regime change has come.

3. Finish the job started in Afghanistan (without a timed withdraw) and continue to help Iraq

4. Find Osama and kill him.

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