Is Romney, Gingrich or Perry more willing to Destroy the Federal Leviathan?

A walk down Memory Lane with Jeffrey Lords and his excellant June 14th article in the American Spectator:


“…Rockefeller Republicanism is Mitt Romney’s political core, his every political instinct, and it expresses itself and will continue to express itself as Romney moves through this campaign. Asking him to stop is like demanding the Pope not sound so, well, Catholic. All of which poses an interesting dilemma for Republicans. Here’s a great candidate for president. He’s got the looks, the charm, the energy, the brains and, if not Rockefeller-style money, at least enough plus the ability to raise more. The problem: He tries hard to sound like Ronald Reagan. But he thinks like Nelson Rockefeller.”

Believe me, I’ve had my fill of, and feel for, Romney/Milliken Republicans. Growing up physically and politically in Michigan as a Goldwater supporter and then a Reagan Delegate from Gerry Ford’s homestate at the ‘76 GOP National Convention in Kansas City, Jeffrey Lord nails this one on the head!

Now that the complete GOP candidate field has been defined, and last summer and fall have proved to be more fun than any political junkie could EVER imagine. The GOP needs a candidate that will present a positive AmeriCAN message that there is a difference between Statism and Liberty! Romney just is NOT that candidate.

Is Gingrinch that candidate? Is Gingrich making the case for Liberty over Statism? When Newt became Speaker in 1996 I was in “Man Love” with every word spoken about what Newt and the GOP Congress was going to do to make government smaller and more responsive to “we the people”. After Newt left Congress I saw that even though Newt had good ideas about how to make government “more responsive” is was still “Government” that was making the decisions and choices on how we were best able to live our lives. Was Newt a Statist with a capital “S” or a small “s”? Would his government just be more of the same with a softer tyranny? Would we still spend the same, or maybe a little less, money at the Federal level but on “Smarter” Federal programs? Who would define ‘Smarter”?

Is Rick Perry That candidate? Is Perry making the case for Liberty over Statism? Will Perry take a scalpel to the Federal Budget or a meat axe? Will he eliminate whole Federal Departments like Education, Energy, HUD, Commerce, Transportation, EPA, OSHA, etc and turn their functions back to the States to decide wether their taxpayers can even afford such things, or even want state government involved? Perry’s book “Fed Up” and consistent anti Federal Government, pro 10th Amendment campign helps answer those questions well.

If you aren’t already, become a Precinct Delegate and be where the action is the week of August 27th 2012 in Tampa Florida! Help Rick Perry destroy the Federal Leviathan!