Where the Action IS week of August 27th 2012

Do you need to be where the action is? The week of August 27th 2012 that would be in Tampa Florida at the GOP Nominating Convention!
How do you get to Tampa and vote for your favorite candidate on the floor of the Convention? First get thyself to your monthly GOP County meeting or Executive meeting. Get the lay of the land. Then find like minded neighbors, friends, family, church and social club members and take them. Trust me, you’ll need their votes for delegate if you want to go to Tampa and vote for/against “Her” on the floor of the Convention.
The nominating caucuses start in January, with Iowa usually up first. Folks, this is what the primaries and caucuses are all about, not just voting for your favorite candidate but also voting as to WHO will represent YOU at the GOP Nominating Conventions ending in Tampa the Week of August 27th 2012. THAT is WHERE the ACTION is! So get there as a voting delegate!