Give the GOP an "Enema"! Be a TEA Party activist as a GOP Precinct Delegate...

One reader commented that the GOP needs an “Enema”.  If you REALLY want to “clean out” the rotten GOP “system” it requires TEA Party activist being very active at their monthly County GOP meeting.  This is where the TEA Party “Enema” of the GOP starts. 

1.)  GOP Precinct Committeemen elect delegates to the GOP District and GOP State Conventions.

2.)  Delegates to the GOP State Convention elect the GOP National Committeemen and State Party Chairman representing their State at the National level as well as Nominating Delegates to the GOP Nominating Convention held every four years.

3.)  Delegates to the GOP Nominating Convention elect The GOP Presidential Nominee. ONLY Delegates to the GOP Nominating Convention can vote for the eventual GOP Nominee!

So if you REALLY want to give the GOP an TEA Party “Enema” head to your NEXT GOP monthly County meeting and become a precinct delegate.  For an even more effective “Enema” take your like minded conservative-noun friends and neighbors and elect yourselves to the Executive Committe, the Rules Committee and the Nominations Committee (sometimes this is the Executive Committee). 

Read up on Cold Warriors Precinct Project and get some ideas on how to proceed when you run into obstacles the RINO Establishment throw up.  Believe me they don’t want to give up the power to nominate the next John McCain or Bob Dole so they will make it difficult for you.  That’s why you take your liked minded conservative-noun friends, neighbors, church fellows, and anybody else you can drag along because there is safety in numbers and you will need numbers! 

Then write a Diary and tell us about your experience at your monthly meetings. Believe me, if the current RINO Establishment types are in charge, it will be very interesting reading.  Let us know what you are doing to give the GOP a TEA Party “Enema”!  Only YOU can “clean out” a rotten system! Let the TEA Party “Enema” of the GOP begin!!!