Want to Be a "Decider"? SHOW UP at Your Monthly County GOP Meeting!

Ron Robinson asked: “…what was it about you that got you so quickly selected as a state delegate in so many different states?”  The people who run the GOP DO NOT WANT YOU the Conservative-noun/TEA Party or Pro-Life Activist to just SHOW UP! They have the County Meetings and all Conventions planned out. Who they will elect for which position, what planks they will have in the Platform, which Rules they will operate under, EVERYTHING! They do not want “bomb-throwers” SHOWING UP to well…to..to…to throw bombs into the works. And believe me, the BIGGEST BOMB you can throw is a Pro-Life plank for the Platform. If your new, it will smoke out your friends and the RINO’s. That is why you need to bring your friends and family and get them to be Precinct Committeemen or Delegates as well. And believe me, you will NEED like minded Conservative-noun friends there to back each other up!

In MI and TX I was young and there were not enough people running. If your the only candidate on the ballot….baby, your elected as the PC! Then SHOW UP at the monthly County meetings. If you don’t SHOW UP you wont get elected to District or State. You don’t go to District or State, you won’t go to the National Convention and have a voice in WHO the GOP nominee for President will be! Unless of course you have friends in VERY HIGH PLACES who can get you one of the very few AT-Large Delegate positions. In 1976 This is how I got to go as a voting Delegate to the GOP National Convention in Kansas City.  That year, Texas had Four out of a Hundred Delegates as, At-Large, it included The only sitting GOP Senator from Texas, John Tower, who although a Ford supporter, had to vote the first two ballots for Reagan! Otherwise NO Delegate slot!

The State delegates vote on who your National Committeman/woman and State Chair will be. These are the folks who in the next few week will vote for National GOP Chairman!

In CO the RINO’s running the County Party (the State Rep and County Party Chair eventually switched to Dem ) did not want a Pro-Lifer going to the District. There were enough people willing to be Delegates but not Alternates, so I got an Alternate slot and SHOWED UP at District were again not enough Delegates SHOWED UP so I got a Delegate Slot and from there meet enough like minded pro-lifers to get a Delegate slot at the State Convention. All because I SHOWED UP! The next two State Conventions were a lot easier because I and like minded PC’s SHOWED UP at EVERY monthly County meeting and elected ourselve to the Executive Committee.

Don’t like the Rules? Get elected to the Rules Committee!
Don’t like the Platform? get elected to the Platform Committee!
Don’t like the Candidates your putting up? get elected to the Candidate Selection Committee! in some (smaller?) Counties this may also be the Executive Committee.

But You can’t do anything about it if you don’t SHOW UP!