Capitalism, Infrastructure, and Freedom

In my last Diary we discussed Infrastructure as a secret to the United States having the worlds most productive society.  A friend from Dallas pointed out how America, like Brazil, China and Russia are all blessed with abundant natural resources but that America has used it’s capital to build the infrastructure required to develop those resources more efficiently, creating enormous wealth for our society. We looked at only two areas of infrastucture, Roads and Railroads, and how they compared to China, India and Brazil as competitors to America in the race for who will next earn the title as worlds “Biggest” manufacturing economy.  We left it to the reader to think about other infrastucture that America has spent some of that enormous wealth developing, that make the U.S. the worlds foremost manufacturing and consuming economy as well as it’s most productive.  The U.S also ranks number 1 when comparing infrastructure such as energy development, airports, seaports, pipelines, telecommunications, electrical generation and distribution, water treatment and distribution, sewage treatment and disposal, food production and processing, to name a few. This physical infrastructure help Americans enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the history of mankind.  
My friend from Dallas also asked if I believed “capitalism works best in an undeveloped economy?”.  Capitalism fosters economic growth because it allocates capital to it’s most efficient use. Has any other system in the history of mankind developed an economy better than capitalism? Individuals making free and self interested choices in the marketplace seems to work everywhere and everytime its tried.  Using infrastructure to develop and use a nations natural resources takes capital and since governments have no capital of their own, only the capital they tax from their citizenry, isn’t it best left to the freedom of the marketplace to develop any economy?  Look at the mis-allocation of capital when Governments are involved in allocating same either directly or through regulation, i.e “Green Energy” like windmills or ethanol. 
Capitalism, Infrastructure, and Freedom.  The freedom to make choices unencumbered by Governments.  “Freedoms Truth” commented on an earlier Diary that “Freedom” is “the most critical infrastructure item” in that “all the rest flows from that”.  Freedom goes down the toilet when Government decides what kind of light bulb or flush toilet we can use or mandates we buy a product, such as health insurance, and if we don’t they will fine or imprison us? How does this give us a more dynamic economy?
America is still the most blessed Nation on Earth.  Lets get Conservative-nouns on the ballot for 2012 from dog catcher to Presidential nominee and make sure we can continue to enjoy the prosperity God has blessed us with.