Sick of the Liberals Brainwashing America's Youth

I just recently saw the “Obama Youth Choir” singing the “joy” that awaits us all when the most holy Obama is elected president. Worse than the creepy Children of the Corn look all of the kids had, was the fact that some of them looked as young as 5 or 6. I don’t know about you, but when I was 5 or 6 I might have know that Reagan was President, but I can guarentee you I wasn’t being forced by my parents to extoll his heal the world virtues. Luckily for me my parents (the flaming libs they are) tought me a love of America first, and tought me about patriotism and civics. I guess they figured I would decide what political party to join when I was older…say maybe even 10 or 11.

Even worse, these parents seemed proud to be pimping there kids out for a stupid politican. I can think of nothing worse. That’s why my friends and I got a group of kids together to show the Hollywood Elite that the children in “fly over country” love America first and don’t really care about Presidential Politics. Check out www.singforamerica.net and see for yourself.