Why Cruz should attack Trump, and why it matters.

This is a counter-argument to the current front page diary here. I encourage you to read it.

Senator Ted Cruz is far and away the most popular candidate here on RedState.  It’s easy to see why – look at the number next to his name: [mc_name name=”Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)” chamber=”senate” mcid=”C001098″ ].


That means something. Cruz has been the fighter for conservative values. Cruz goes out of his way to call out liberal votes, weakness in his own party, lack of conservative leadership – the list goes on and on. Cruz is the voice of modern conservatism. No matter the issue, no matter the fight, no matter the opponent – you can trust on Cruz to be a fighting voice.

Except one issue: Donald Trump.

Trump seems like he’d be the perfect target for Ted Cruz. Here’s a guy who is has liberal values from his liberal past – he’s for big-government: he supports single payer healthcare, he supports the federal government taking private property, he’s supported almost every single one of Obama’s economic policies. Even worse, he does it under the conservative moniker. He’s masquerading as a conservative, while supporting progressive stances. According to everything we know about Ted Cruz, we should expect him to fight against this.

Furthermore Cruz may be the only person who can take down Trump. He’s got a near-spotless record, he’s as anti-establishment as you can get, and he is an incredibly powerful figure to the conservative base. Trump can’t label Ted as low-energy, he can’t label him as the establishment, he can’t label him as un-American or weak on ANYTHING. Cruz stands alone in that regard.

But he doesn’t fight. Not only that, he doesn’t even go out of his way to avoid commenting on Trump. He’s been actively embracing him! Remember the Cruz/Trump rally against the Iran deal? Heck, even when Ted is asked about Trump in interviews, instead of changing the subject to an actual issue, or  giving a neutral statement, he responds with something like this:

Cruz: I like and respect Donald Trump. I don’t anticipate that changing at all.

From my current understanding of Ted Cruz, there should be very little that Trump brings to the table ideologically that Cruz likes or respects. Instead of being the strongest conservative voice against Trump, Cruz gives him legitimacy instead. This is very dangerous because it strengthens Trump.

It’s clear to see Cruz’s strategy here: by positioning himself as a friend of Trump, and turning a blind eye to his progressive policies that he pretends are conservative, Cruz can gain support. It might not be that bad of a strategy. It’s not what I want in a President though.

There is no difference between that strategy and Cruz sacrificing his conservative principles and fighting spirit in order to gain popular support. Why would I vote for that? I hate saying that. I don’t like that being true, and I don’t like thinking that Cruz is willing to pander and compromise in order to gain support. I see no other explanation. This is someone who shut down the government over Obamacare now sucking up to someone who support single-payer healthcare.

The longer Cruz plays this game with Trump,  the less I think I understand Cruz’ values, the less I think he’d actually be willing to fight once in the office, and the less likely it is that I’m going to vote for him.

I wish I didn’t feel that way.