Tebow Getting Sacked by the Media (and "Women's" Groups)

Has anyone noticed how the media has portrayed Tebow and his Mother’s ad sponsored by Focus on the Family that will be aired during the superbowl.   The “controversial ad” will celebrate life and family as Tim Tebow’s mother, Pam, speaks about how she chose to carry baby Tim to full term against the advice of her doctor who recommended abortion due to serious complications.

On a variety of radio and TV news reports the wording is quite curious.  In virtually every mention of the story “Several Women’s groups” are protesting the “anti-choice”, “polarizing”,  and “divisive” message of the ad.   Yes, celebrating life and a woman who decided to commit the mortal sin of giving birth to her child is so divisive that millions of Superbowl viewers will likely engage in bar fights and riots contemporaneously.   Melees will erupt when beer mugs and chairs are flung by the tens of million beer guzzling, buffalo wing eating, football fanatic members of EMILY’s list, National Organization for Women, Planned Parenthood, and the National Abortion Rights Action League*

[*sorry babes, you don’t get away with using the misleading moniker of “Pro-choice America” and hiding with word abortion in your group’s name to make it look like you’re giving away free American Flags].

So far in the 10 plus stories I’ve read, watched, or listened to there was no mention of “pro-life” or “pro-family” nor were these women’s groups characterized as “feminist” “pro-abortion”, “abortion rights” or even “pro-choice”.   Somehow these left leaning ABORTION RIGHTS, PRO-ABORTION, FEMINIST groups get a free pass in the descriptives used [or not used] by our friends in the mainstream media.  

So if the pro-choice is movement is truly about women being given a choice and not about promoting abortion related commerce then why are these organizations not joining Pam and Tim Tebow in celebrating “the choice” of life.  Maybe it’s because of the same set of double standards employed by the left on other topics like freedom of speech.  They believe in “choice” only as long you make the same type of choice they want you to.  

We can thank our left leaning lady friends for one thing…I thought would take an act of God to get Georgia and other SEC football fans that didn’t go to Florida to ever cheer for Tim Tebow; however, listening to these groups of disgruntled feminists has gotten this “Dawg” fan to proudly support the Tebow family and for once I am cheering Mr. Tebow for avoiding getting sacked.  Let’s just hope that CBS can scramble outside of the pocket and do the same.