A message of thanks and appreciation to everyone here at Redstate.

For many years, I have felt quite disillusioned with the political process. During this election season,  I have felt betrayed by so many so called conservatives in the media and on radio who have revealed themselves to be nothing more than the finest snake oil salesmen. For many years, Fox News and Drudge were constants in terms of how I kept up with political news. I have also visited this website quite frequently as well. For many years, I have heard pundits on Fox who have said something to the effect of “If we can nominate a conservatives, we can win.” Pundits saying such things are not exclusive to Fox, but to have the people on Fox that you’ve listened to for all these years all of a sudden throw all of their core beliefs and principles out the window in order to worship Donald Trump is a complete and utter betrayal. Same goes with Matt Drudge. I was always wary of  Drudge in regards to his posting links connected to Alex Jones. However, it wasn’t a deal breaker and I could deal with that. What I could not deal with is the way that Drudge has decided to just play around in the sandbox with the one man circus know as Donald Trump. There are many other self-proclaimed conservatives that I could mention that have fallen into the category of Trump worship. You know who they are. I just wanted to cite some as examples.

Now, I want to move onto the main point of this diary. Like I said earlier, I used to visit Drudge and to be honest I did so much more than I used to visit this website. But, for the past several months Redstate has been my number one go to website for political information.  I want to offer my thanks  and appreciation to each and every writer, contributor, and member here at Redstate. This website has been the lighthouse that has helped me see through all the political fog and I am eternally greatful.