If you believe in conservative principles, how can you support Trump?

Right now, Trump’s message is basically elect me and I will get along with everybody in Washington while at the same time saying that Ted Cruz is the most hated man in Washington and will get along with nobody. How can people say they want an outsider and yet support someone who is saying in the open that they will be a insider as soon as they get to Washington?

If you believe in conservative principles, how in the hell can you support Trump? This a man who has depended on and has attempted to use the government as a vehicle for his own personal gain using things such as eminent domain. This is a man who is as far left as Bernie Sanders when it comes to the issue of healthcare. He is openly advocating for socialism with his position on healthcare.

This is a man who says that illegal immigration is bad and costing Americans jobs and at the same time illegal immigrants immigrants have been used for construction projects involving Trump properties.

This is a man who regularly bashes China and Mexico, but at the same time he gets clothing made and produced in China and Mexico.

I could go on and on and if you look into Trumps history you will see many paradoxes in terms of the crap that comes out of his wherever versus his actions.