The campaign to unseat Allyson Schwartz (PA-13) has begun

While the 2010 congressional elections are still a long way off, the conservative resurgence in New Jersey, Virginia, and NY23 has been refreshing and exciting. Worst case scenario at this point is Democrats win NJ and NY23 (Virginia is all but sealed), but even that will hardly be a victory for Democrats, for in such a case, the respective Democrats will win with a severe minority of votes in those three way races. Instead, it will merely help to mask the massive wave of grassroots discontent that will spell certain doom for Democrats (as well as some Republicans) in 2010.

I am thus feeling energized in my own district (PA-13), currently misrepresented by Democrat Allyson Schwartz. At first glance, PA-13 looks like a fairly hopeless cause. Not only is it D+7, but Schwartz is serving her third term and has yet to be seriously challenged in any of her elections. 

However, after a review of the “Blue Dogs” that were elected in 2008 – possibly the most anti-Republican election in recent history – I counted 36 of them in Republican districts, including a dozen in disctricts rated R+10 or higher (according to the PVI values provided by cookpolitical.com).  So, anything is possible. 

There are two conservatives running for PA-13.  For those who may live in this district and for anyone interested, here is some information on them. 

Josh Quinter.  Not much information currently available online.  There is a joshquinter.com but it is either not his website or he hasn’t added any content yet.  He does have a facebook page, and in reviewing his info, looks like a solid conservative.

Damian Dachowski.  There is a lot more information available, as Dachowski launched his campaign a bit earlier.  Here is some background info detailing some relationships he has in Montgomery County, though he is largely new to politics. 

Also see his facebook page, campaign site, and twitter page.   In addition, I found this piece detailing a healthcare forum held in September that is very encouraging. 

More information will no doubt become available as the primary draws nearer but it is important to keep up the enthusiasm all the way through to 2010.  Massive electoral change then and 2012 will be the only way to stop Obama’s radical agenda.