From force-feeding healthcare to forced feeding in Philadelphia

This article scares right out of the gate: 

In a locally unprecedented move, the School District of Philadelphia will hold principals accountable for the number of students eating breakfast in their schools.

Alas, this does not mean schools are attempting to control waste by limiting the number of students who receive breakfast at taxpayers’ expense.  This move is to force all students to eat breakfast regardless of family income, or even if they typically eat breakfast at home.  The move comes after just 54,000 of the 165,000 students in government public schools ate breakfast last year.  With Philadelphia leading the charge, this is yet another stunning move toward socialism and the breakup of the family.  Our government, both locally and nationally, has utter disdain for the rights of families to make their own decisions.  Amazingly, one of the lone voices of reason was the president of the Commonwealth Association of School Administrators union:

You’re doing a disservice to principals by holding them accountable without controlling for other variables….Are we going to get to forced feedings? I think it’s wrong to assume no parent in Philadelphia is providing breakfast each day.

How anyone can support this massive intrusion of families’ rights, not to mention the costs in the face of a national deficit that has already tripled from last year, is beyond logical explanation.  And, in case that does not outrage, eating breakfast will now be counted as “instructional time”:

Just how food will be served in Philadelphia schools is up to principals. Studies show, however, that more children eat when breakfast is served in the first class of the day.  Last year, the vast majority of the district’s 267 schools served food in their cafeterias before the school day began, Grasela said. Just 47 served them in classrooms, he said.  Typically, principals have resisted such service, saying it detracted from instructional time.  But in the spring, the Pennsylvania Department of Education ruled that if students throughout the state eat breakfast in their first class with a teacher present, it will be counted as instructional time.

The entire program is a despicable abuse of our rights as well as a monumental waste of taxpayer dollars.  While Obama is trying to ram healthcare down our throats, teachers now have the authority to literally ram food down children’s throats.  Didn’t we used to be America?