Need. More. Tinfoil. The life in a day of a liberal blogger.

I am a lifelong conservative.  I first took a serious interest in politics when I was in college at Penn State, joining activist groups (like the local chapter of Young America’s Foundation), and reading authors ranging from Rush Limbaugh and William F. Buckley Jr. to Ayn Rand and P. J. O’Rourke.  When I graduated with a chemical engineering degree in the late 90’s and landed my first job, I slowly became disengaged from politics.  This was partly due to the typical hustle and bustle of life.  But as much as I hate to admit it there was also a degree of complacency.  When Bush was elected in 2000, I felt on some level that I no longer needed to remain politically active – we finally had the White House and Congress and all was well with the world (wow, what a bad decision in hindsight). 


Well, starting with the economic crash late last year and the stunning leftward lurch of our country, I woke up pretty fast.  I have since devoted as much time as I can to advancing our cause.  I have become active here at Redstate as well as other sites like Twitter.  


And that brings us to the relevance of my title and my secret double life.  


Though I have only recently become politically active, I have had some unpleasant encounters with others.  This is not a complaint.  I have no problem with it, be it name calling or an attempt at debate.  But I have now met what can only be described as a spectacular display of uninformed paranoia that goes beyond the pale.


It all started with – wait for it – the Obama Joker image.  When the Obama Joker manufactured controversy (yes, you walked right into that one, liberals) broke out I decided to use the image as my Twitter avatar.  For the record, the avatar I initially used was a hastily made Obama Joker – Bush Joker side by side image to highlight the ridiculous nature of the racism charges:


obama-bush-joker.jpg ObamaBushJoker picture by trebuchet_bucket


Since then, I reverted back to the original image so I could clearly display #Iamthemob (the callout is in honor of Obama’s recent comment that dissenters should, well, STFU):


obamajokerstfu.jpg picture by trebuchet_bucket


Now its time to don your tinfoil hats.  A liberal blogger picked up on my avatar with the typical racism charges.  I am not going to address the racism, as it has already been done here, and I can’t really add much to it. What fascinates me is the utterly insane conclusions that seem to be drawn from nothing more than the existence of the Joker image.


Here is an excerpt from the post regarding my avatar (I’m Doug) and other Twitter users I am following:


I can see Doug is “connected” with USA’s Francisco D’Anconia, St. Cloud, Minnesota’s Leo Pusateri, Michigan’s Eric Ball (Michigan Tech, studying Chemical Engineering), San Francisco’s Stacy Joyce Kennedy, Texas’s Walker of Crags, and Virginia’s BowlmeOverVa.  Francisco describes himself as:

            [A] Member of the underground conservative resistance.

How deep does this network run?


How deep does this network run? I’d first suggest asking Sean Hannity.  I’m afraid it runs far deeper than this blogger can conceive.  I also wonder if she’s aware that “Francisco D’Anconia” is an obvious psuedonymn, taken from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged (though I suppose using fake names can only deepen the “conspiracy”)..


I realize there is idiocy all around but this wins the prize and takes uninformed publishing to new heights.  


Perhaps this is so far off the deep end that it doesn’t deserve the attention.  However, irresponsible smears by liberal bloggers big and small seem to be a consistent pattern.  Yes, I’m a very small player in the grand scheme and this particular event is beyond ridiculous but these folks need to be exposed for the moonbats they are.  Ignoring antics of the left is partly what has allowed them to creep their way into political power.


Note to Ms. Cairns: we are not racist or a secretive hate network, but we are open activists seeking change (or more accurately, seeking to restore and preserve our liberty). I have gotten involved with Redstate, Twitter, and other sites as an initial stage of political activism because our country is being hijacked by radical leftists who intend to destroy the foundation upon which our country was built. I will continue to keep myself informed, write about topics I feel are pertinent, and contribute in any way I can to advance the cause of freedom.  The rest can wallow in their obsession with race, accusations of conspiracy and the like, but it will no longer occur without notice.