My (sort of) correspondence with Governor Crist on taxes

I’d imagine I’m not the only one who contacted the Florida GOP, given their tax happy nature. However, I felt compelled to comment on the boldness of this form letter response to my expression of disappointment in their (namely, Governor Crist’s) refusal to offer a real alternative to voters.

This could have been written by Obama himself, except for one thing: sheer audacity. And I might say, outdoing Obama in audacity is a feat. Governor Crist is proud of his “tobacco surcharge” because it will simultaneously cure cancer and force people to quit smoking. Even though one can deduce exactly how Obama’s various concoctions will fail, he usually doesn’t do us the favor of actually saying it – at least not all in the same breath.

Tell me Governor, which cancer research program will your tax hike fund – lung cancer or the brain cancer that causes cognitive dissonance?

Dear Friend:

Thank you for writing to Governor Charlie Crist regarding a cigarette surcharge.  The Governor appreciates receiving your comments and asked that I respond on his behalf.

Governor Crist approved the tobacco surcharge that will result in increased funding in a wide variety of health and human services areas, including cancer research, up to $50 million per year. Governor Crist is proud of the budget that he signed as it will help support cancer research that will find better treatments, and one day maybe even a cure for this dreaded disease.

In addition to generating research funds, the tobacco surcharge will improve public health and result in an overall decrease in health care costs. The surcharge will discourage smoking among adults and children and help reduce cancer and chronic diseases directly related to tobacco use and second-hand smoke.

Again, thank you for writing to Governor Crist. Your thoughts and concerns are important to him.

Kate McILroy
Executive Office of the Governor