Specter's Condition Downgraded

from incompetent oaf to brazen miscreant.  The Pittsburgh Tribune is reporting that Arlen Specter is asking PA state pols to have an open primary next year (via grassrootspa). 

I don’t know what will happen in 2010.  A large turnaround won’t happen like it did in 1994.  The House Banking Scandal – not just Hillarycare and other Clinton nonsense – helped to create the backlash. 

But what we have now is a homegrown revolution in the making – the tea parties, people increasingly “going John Galt”, and more gatherings via initiatives like Beck’s We Surround Them campaign. 

Who knows if a critical mass has been reached to effect significant change, but I don’t think the movement could be off to a better start.  And Specter’s repulsive behavior is proof that we are making ourselves heard.

Spread the word about Specter and don’t let him get away without being held accountable for his misrepresentation of PA constituents.