We Cannot Let Attacks Like This Go Undefended

I came across this blog (via my wife who works in media) by Jack Myers, suggesting Rush’s advertisers should consider pulling support for his program.  Let me be clear that whether or not anyone boycotts is irrelevant to me.  What needs to be addressed is Jack Myers’s disgraceful disregard for truth or integrity. 

First, we need start only as far as the third sentence:

Limbaugh’s lengthy Castro-like speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was his coming out party for a run for president of the United States

Even a casual listener of Rush’s show can see how ignorant this man is if he thinks this is Rush’s way of announcing a run for president – and his comparison to Castro doesn’t dignify a response.

It gets better with the very next sentence:

It is essential to question whether Limbaugh should continue to have access to the public airwaves and whether advertisers should continue to support him.

 Ok.  We should question whether Limbaugh should be allowed on the air?  If this is really the sentiment of a majority of the electorate – that people who say anything controversial should not be allowed to speak- then we really are in trouble. 

But I digress from my original point.  Myers is essentially claiming that since Rush spoke at CPAC, he is now a spokesman for Republicans and thus all advertisers are as well.  The implication is that Rush never advocated conservative principles until he showed up at CPAC.   Are advertisers stupid?  Do they suffer from some sort of cognitive dissonance such that they have no idea his principles might be the same as those of the Republican Party’s because he hadn’t previously spoken at a political function? If thats the case, they need not worry;  it is very clear that no one in politics is listening to Rush. 

In addition to encouraging boycotts, the column contains a lot of the usual conservative marginalizing (Limbaugh’s “small”, “far right” audience, etc).

I think this commentary by Myers needs to be addressed.  I encourage folks to contact him ([email protected]) and let him know conservatives will not put up with trash like this and will defend our principles, even if our elected officials won’t.