so this is my manifesto

America has been living in an expanding sphere of unreality since beginning in the sixties, when men became divorced from their responsibilities, when the connection between eating and working became a sick joke, when credit cards became a way of life, when losing wars became acceptable, when actually paying for your kid’s college became something only suckers do, when lotteries and casinos became ubiquitous, when drugs became recreation, when lawsuits became more common than handshakes, when it became impossible to do your taxes without a computer, when wearing seatbelts and helmets for your own safety became the government’s business, when public servants became public unions, when more ballplayers, lawyers, and popstars than scientists and engineers became heroes and millionaires, when more men can clean a mouse than clean a fish or clean a rifle, when rebuilding a skyscraper became a twenty year project, when daycare, not mom, became the norm, when fathers, english, and savings all became optional, when it became more socially acceptable to kill unborn babies than execute convicted murderers, when letting your kids walk to school on their own became crazy, when spankings and chores became child abuse, when good grades became uncool, when teenagers became the rulers of culture, when merry christmas became a dirty word…
And guess what sports fans, this bubble’s a gonna pop.