Boehner needs to come out of his shellshock or needs to leave

Well, you have to give a round of applause to Speaker Boehner for the quick response to President Obama’s victory and Harry Reid’s keeping the Senate. Boehner went to bed Monday night with the Senate in democrat hands, the presidency in democrat hands and the congress in republican control. Wednesday morning he woke up and nothing had changed……..except him.

Seems he didn’t get the memo that it was only 3 million people who voted for President Obama over Mitt Romney – the republican candidate and Boehner looked shell shocked when in fact – NOTHING had changed.

President Obama was president on Monday and he was still president on Wednesday. The nasty and truculent Harry Reid of Nevada was Majority leader with Mitch McConnell as Minority Republican leader in the Senate. Nancy Pelosi was yelling for everyone’s head on a platter if they were Republicans, par for the course and Boehner was still Speaker.

What changed? Boehner’s mental attitude toward the Senate and the President. Seems he think the Republicans LOST the congress. What really happened?

Boehner was mentally set to win the presidency and when he lost, he felt like he lost the country’s backing – which couldn’t be further from the truth. Now he needs to shake this off or he needs to be replaced, because Boehner is the face of the Republican party and if he can’t articulate republican principles in 2 run-on sentences, which is all the main stream media will allow a republican to have on their nightly news shows, we’re in for trouble. Keep saying “the people voted for lower taxes by voting the Republicans to hold the Congress” will get you some traction but it gets old pretty quick when its said in his comatose tones he’s adopted recently.

Is he trying to convince himself or the American people? I’ve got a few remedies I’d like to suggest to Speaker Boehner: 1. Get a makeover! – Speech wise you’re a drag and I’m feeling like you’re giving a eulogy for conservatism so either get a marketing makeover to juice it up where half the problem is you’ve got to believe what you say or move over for someone else to carry the torch who does believe in the new wave of less spending, less taxation, better defense and taking it to the President on Offense every chance you can by getting in front of a microphone or 2. Just give up. You know you don’t have the fire in your belly and its all for show. The best action you can take is to move aside and let someone in there who has the knowledge to refute Obama every time the President opens his mouth with real facts. You can be the person’s mentor and everyone will love you for stepping aside.

Speaker Boehner needs to do the right thing. His shell shock over Romney losing the Presidency is causing him to lose his fighting spirit – something we doubted he never had to begin with when he botched the debt ceiling card vs. budget negotiations – aka raising taxes.