This will not end well...

The Obama presidency… this will not end well.

russian su-24 shot down sm

World War III is getting hot. Turkey is a fellow N.A.T.O. allie of the United States. Russia is fighting against ISIS. Turkey is covertly helping ISIS. Russia is supporting Assad. And France… France is at war with ISIS and is acting accordingly. So, who will Obama side with ISIS and Turkey or will Mr. Obama side with Russia, France and Assad? For the American people ISIS is our clear and present enemy. So just like our World War II alliance with Russia against a common enemy it is welcome by the American people. Although, Mr. Obama has already proudly declared defeat last week when he said:  “What I’m not interested in doing is posing or pursuing some notion of American leadership or America winning…”

The beginning of this war is a dangerous balancing act of who controls Mediterranean shipping lanes and oil fields to the world of Middle Eastern oil fields and oil flows. So, if we side with Russia we endanger European oil supplies and the status of the Federal Reserve Note guaranteed by the labor and assets of the United States taxpayer – a.k.a. YOU – as the reserve currency of the world. This is because if Russia takes control of the Mediterranean or even partially controls it then they have Europe at their oil-dependent mercy. Also, Federal Reserve Notes are used as Petro-Dollars to buy oil in the world by every country except the BRIC’s (Brazil, Russia, India and China). If we do not work to destroy ISIS, who have the quiet support of Turkey and shhh, covert support of Mr. Obama, then what do we stand for — who do we stand with? How can we support Turkey as the de facto air-force for ISIS in this or any instance? Or should we support Turkey on a piecemeal basis, i.e.; with each circumstance being measured in its value to Mr. Obama’s personal political interests? What if Russia shoots down a Turkish plane in response to their shoot down, then will the N.A.T.O. alliance kick-in or will Obama disavow the word of the United States to N.A.T.O. and terminate his tacit support for ISIS?

Obama has painted himself into a corner using the blood and bodies of children born after the first Gulf War began in 1991. Our young men and women in the military are very likely to re-fight a war we’d already won — twice. A war against a more ruthless enemy than Saddam Husseins’ Republican Guard ever was. Also, with so many disparate players in such a small battle space, it looks like Obama has mortgaged the lives of those kids, our kids, for the sake of a third world war, his world war.

Obama has also put United States world reserve currency status up for grabs against the BRIC’s who would like to control how oil is purchased in the world. The flood of returning Petro-dollars would make the worst depression look like the good ole days. I believe Mr. Obama has already shown his cards with his bombshell admission last week that he has a lack of interest in the “notion of American leadership or America winning”.

Obamas’ latest act of destruction of the United States and the world  has now been engaged by Russia and Turkey, I fear more players will enter unless those whose retain Credit Default Swaps on the Reserve Bank currencies are not quite ready to pay the piper and see them made worthless. Otherwise get ready for massive deflation – asset price reductions like we haven’t seen since well 2009 when Obama became president.

Sadly, the trillions cost in our national treasure will pale in contrast to the loss of life caused by this presidency of betrayal of Mr. Obama. The notion of an American president capitulating and surrendering to our enemies certainly does not bode well for our economy but even worse for our children. This surrender to our enemies has set in motion events that will drain the blood of another generation of American youth who deserved a sober and prudent Commander-in-Chief. Mr. Obama is a Commander-in-Chief who seeks to surrender to enemies whose core tenet is to make the world submit to it’s will. Our children, our military, our country and the civilized world deserve a leader who will protect them from harm. I do not know how Mr. Obama’s surrender will manifest itself in particular in this war, but I do know that because of him there will be so much additional American blood shed and loss of life (both military and civilian). America deserves better.