RELAX - The great and powerful Hillary has spoken.

Well now we can all just relax can’t we, because Hillary has spoken: “Muslims have NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with terrorism. Must be those dog-gone Amish terrorists disguising themselves as Muslims. Shame on those people to say they are pacifists then libel the good name of the ‘religion of peace’. Maybe not, perhaps it is not the Amish.
Hillary I do have one question, it is true that not all Muslims are terrorists but isn’t it true that most terrorists have come from Islam since the 1970’s? Aaaand if most terrorists have come from Islam doesn’t that make them Muslim? And if those Muslims are at war with us shouldn’t we engage them and defend ourselves from those Muslims? Or perhaps we should just get fitted and don the orange jumpsuit now and wait our turn for the next creative way that ISIS has for our infidel martyrdom?

Thank you Hillary, I look forward to your answer as soon as you can e-mail me… on second thought – never mind the e-mail, I don’t have my own server. HA!