The $500 million Bait & Switch

Hmmm, something occurred to me today, please read to the end to follow my thought process. Yeah, this scenario will be a little out of the box, definitely not in the media. But I just want to connect a couple of dots.
So here goes, the subdued headline in September was:
“US spends $500 million in Syria, trains ‘4 or 5’ fighters”. This headline is something straight out of Saturday Night Live. How this General kept a straight face when he said “5 maybe 4” I’ll never know. Anyway, knowing bureaucracies like I do when they get budgeted $500 million, they spend $500 million not a penny less. So, follow me hear, the Pentagon “spent” $500 million in Syria. We could say gave $500 mil to the Syrians, but the Syrians don’t take the money to use to fight ISIS. Then a month later we have a “refugee” crisis with 70% young Syrian men leaving their wives in Syria to fight ISIS and/or Assad.
Somehow, I’m sure $500 mil goes a longer way in Syria than it does in America, but I digress. Could this money have been sent to Syria in order to enable a Trojan Horse invasion force to travel to Europe and America to start a global inferno. Could it be that Obama is more dangerous than we ever could’ve imagined? That’s a lot of money that could be used as startup money for… well for whatever. I don’t think we will get a refund from Syria, do you?
The event in Paris and the insistence that we take in these men who would not fight for their country is a very, very ominous sign. Something has been unleashed and the French and Russians recognize it. That is why those countries have declared war on ISIS. The Russians are sending 150,000 troops into Syria to defeat ISIS, betcha haven’t heard that in the news. BTW, dirty little secret of Hillary and Barack, Benghazi was about giving arms to Syrian moderates (yes the same 5 maybe 4 moderates). Sooo, where are those weapons?
It gets worse, the Iranians have 150,000 soldiers on standby and want to take out ISIS also. So, just to get the players straight: 150k Russians & Assad; 150k Iran & Assad; U.S. & “5 maybe 4” moderates. Well let’s think this through, let’s just say that the Russians and Iranians win against ISIS – to the victor go the spoils. And maybe if I were in charge of Russia my ultimate goal/payback might be to have my victorious army travel down a few miles past Israel and threaten the Suez Canal or at least take control of a few ISIS oil fields. Nah, that can’t happen, can it? And we really haven’t seen any bellicose invasive movements from Turkey, YET.
So, how bad can this become? Russia, Iran, ISIS all in the same small battle-space with Israel right next door. Some are already calling this World War III. Well this endless war without victory has only costs of blood and treasure no benefits. That sounds like it may have an even more nefarious purpose. Seems like an endless war that will reap a whirlwind and within Islam that is exactly what they need to do to bring on the coming of the 12 Mahdi. The 12 Mahdi is the final prophet sent by Allah to bring the world from dar Harb (the house of war) to dar Islam ( the house of peace). BTW, the Muslims believe that this final prophet will be none other than Jesus of Nazareth. In Islam Jesus is not God, in Islam Jesus is the prophet who came before Muhammad. Fits nicely into a one world religion doesn’t it?
All the world would want in order to lead it out of all this whirlwind of chaos into the new world order would be for someone who could claim to be the long awaited Moshiach/Messiah for the Jewish people – in addition to the Mahdi and the coming of Second of Jesus. But that cannot happen, I mean it’s not like this is written anywhere, like the Koran, the Holy Bible or the plans of Ob….
For prudence sake we need to stop underestimating this man and stop giving him the benefit of the doubt. Take him at this word: Paris was “a setback”, the question is for which side? What if his actions were taken by our enemy instead, would we allow him to do any of what he has done to this country and now the world? And to think he has a Nobel Peace Prize, HA!