Some thoughts from my notepad... 2/13/2011

Well, another Friday has passed, so another Middle Eastern/Pro-United
States ally —  gone… prediction Hasni will not be the last U.S. ally to go the “exiled retired dictator route”.
Welcome to 21st century U.S. diplomacy brought to you by CNN, with Anderson Cooper reporting and/or presiding over the revolution. This ‘democratic’ street revolution will pave the way for new elections, but first a ‘soft’ military coup to establish – hmmm – to establish, well, to establish what armies  always establish… control. The Egyptian High command Communique # whatever – states: Dissolve parliament and suspend the constitution; you know the type of democracy that our president would like to see guiding all 57 united states.
As I write this piece on the latest upheaval of an ally I can’t help but think of the coincidences that occured just as the revolution got started. The Egyptian high command just happened to be at the Pentagon when the protests started and of course they immediately flew home to defend… ah, oh-well, not exactly, they stayed in D.C. until the protesters had a leader (El-Baradei) and a goal (immediate removal of President Mu-Barak). The protesters also managed to gain allies, the much beloved terrorist group known as the Muslim Brotherhood, which our own President Barack was well, “o.k. with”.
It was estimated that the crowds of protestors numbered in the hundreds of thousands. This number of people, we were told, represented the true, valid and fierce urgent will of the Egyptian people. Funny, but the latest annual protest rally in our own national capital, on January 22nd, in support for the abolition of… well anyways’ that was a non-violent, life supporting march which drew over 2 million, but this ‘will of the American people goes unnoticed and unanswered by our current one term President Carter 2.1… (oops); Barack H. (oops again – no H.); just plain President Obama, yes that sounds like an American name. Not that someone named Barack would be a foreign citizen; hey, it’s is not like I’m saying he was born in another country I mean surely he has shown at least as much I.D. as it takes to get past a TSA agent these days, hasn’t he? The proof is in what his family, his wife and step-grandmother have said about his birthplace – but I digress.
So, just how is the United States of Americas’ national interest improved by having a miltary dictatorship, in alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood running the formerly more democratic, formerly more secular nation of Egypt? A Muslim Brotherhood that can now help to decide the tax levies on Suez Canal shipments – ‘I’ll take Jizya for 100, Alex’.
BTW, anyone besides me see any similarities to the French/Russian/ Spanish/pick one – revolutions? Who’s on the itinerary for next month Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Yemen, Iran (oh-no, sorry Iran, you’ve already ‘elected’ Islamo/socialist terrorist leadership)?
Hmmm, 18 days of protest in the park and the president resigns immediately – this must be the new internet/microwave style democracy, who knew. Three week lawn-tea party anyone? I’m just sayin’. Nah, anyway, election campaigns are more fun, right?