Let's drive the stake into the heart of the Democratic Party.

We’ve seen this Barack Obama before. His name was Jimmy Carter, and he’s back from the political grave. But next Tuesday, November 4, 2008, we have the once in a lifetime opportunity to drive a stake into the heart of the Parasitical Party of Death.

And if and when we succeed, the Democratic Party will not recover again.

Think about it: this is a change election with an unpopular incumbent administration and the economy is staggering. They will have had the mainstream media, now in its dying years, offer a last, desperate attempt to enact their liberal political ideals before they bite the dust. In fact, with the possibility of the Fairness Doctrine, Obama might even be their only hope of survival.

Things couldn’t be more stacked again McCain, and yet, and YET, McCain is still in the ball game.

Can you imagine the reaction of the Democrats if they lose. As they see state result after result roll in and the votes tally up, can you imagine what they will feel if they FAIL in this election, in this year?

They will be totally, absolutely devastated. They will literally have had the most “orthodox” progressive liberal candidate they could hope for, a True Believer in Gradually Bringing the Communist Utopia but with more charisma than Sting, AND STILL HAVE LOST.

It will completely destroy their morale, cause them to question their sustainability and viability in the coming years, and might even cause some to re-examine their flawed conceptions of the political and social good.

There are many on the Left who see the coming years as one where Republicans will be floundering and in disarray. While it is true that political conservatives will have to reform the Republican Party, let’s make sure that the Democrats have some soul-searching to do in the future while we’re busy cleaning house.

Let’s drive the stake into their last desperate attempt to win a presidential election. Let’s short-circuit their morale and their misguided aspirations for the nation. Let’s show them that their political ideals will never be acceptable to the American people, and that the ideals of personal responsibility; cheerful, uncoerced charity; and limited government are the American way.

And there will be plenty of opportunity to eat popcorn watching the liberals accuse each other and everyone of racism in the aftermath.

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