Why the RedState community should support monetary reform.

I believe the RedState community should support monetary reform.  While I’m not a true RedStater.  I’ve watched this community for some time.  I know that this community believes in individual freedom and liberty.  With this in mind.  There are two primary reasons to support monetary reform.  Support monetary reform because sound money is required to provide financial security for the majority of the people.  Sound money provides the best chance for the largest number of Americans to succeed.  Secondly, support monetary reform because having sound money that cannot be easily manipulated by a few is essential to economic freedom.  The first reason can be debated.  The second, in my mind, is fact.

So, we may argue about central banking and monetary manipulation from a purely financial sense.  However when it comes to freedom, liberty and the right of all Americans to make their own choices.  Our current monetary system is severely lacking.  Our monetary system is designed so that a few can make decisions for the many.  Take our current economic situation for example.  Most businesses and individuals are saving more and spending less.  The bankers and bureaucrats think most people are wrong to do this.  So they manipulate monetary policy to change this behavior.  If you won’t spend or invest your money, they will.  This is a source of tremendous power.  They don’t have to tell you where to work or how to live.  They don’t don’t have to engage in direct, open taxation.  They just take what they want.  When they want.

The idea that so few can control and make decisions for so many is an aversion to the principles of this country.  This is why we don’t support the idea that government should make decisions about our kids or our health care.  It is why we believe in less taxes and free trade.  Only individuals can make decisions on what is best for them and their family.  Yet for decades our money has been open to manipulation by the political and banking elite.  How can Americans be free economically if the very money they use can be so easily manipulated by the government.

Time and time again conservatives argue that we must not cede control over our personal lives to the government or anyone else for that matter.  Yet time and time again one of the greatest controls by government over the people is ignored.  If you believe, as I believe, that individuals and only individuals can make economic, moral and personal decisions for themselves.  Well you need to support monetary reform.  Monetary reform returns power to the people.  It allows people to make their own decisions.  Free from the manipulation of the few, of the elite.  If we believe in freedom.  If we believe in individual liberty.  Then our monetary policy must reflect these values.