Can you have personal freedom and police the world?

With our economy in the toilet.  Many Americans facing unemployment or foreclosure on their home.  Republicans are pushing tax cuts again.  Letting people keep more of their own money certainly would help taxpayers during this troublesome time.  Still, no one is talking about cutting spending.  The last thing the American people need is more debt.  Our foreign policy is very expensive.  Many Americans are calling for more spending here at home.  Trillions and trillions of dollars have been spent overseas.  So why not debate the merits of our foreign policy? Why not trim our extravagant foreign policy spending?

If you followed the presidential election you would think that Democrats and Republicans had real differences in foreign policy.  Yet Decades of foreign policy has been essentially the same no matter who is in the White House or Congress.  Sure you can debate subtleties, but the price tag and invasiveness our policy is essentially the same.  From the taxpayers position it is a burden.  Trillions and Trillions spent on foreign projects.  We can debate the worth of this policy from here to eternity, but the burden on the taxpayer is not in question.

Conservatives supposedly believe in personal freedom.  Allowing citizens to make decisions for themselves.  Let them spend their money as they see fit.  Yet when it comes to foreign policy modern day conservatives are very statist.  This economic crisis simply underscores the need to review our foreign policy.  It is not about being isolationist or being defeatist.  It is about personal freedom.  It is about lower taxes and less debt for the American taxpayer.  Imagine allowing Americans to keep more of their money, balancing the budget and not cutting the domestic spending that many Americans count on.  It can be done if we just had the courage to review our foreign policy.