An outsider's view

It has been a brutal few years for the Republican party.  They’ve lost control of both the legislative and executive branches of government.  Many blame the Republican party for the wars and our economy.  We all know the score.  So why do Republicans keep losing?  What can be done to give the Republican party a chance in the future?

I believe the primary reason that the Republican party keeps losing elections is simple.  Not enough solutions, too much rhetoric.  Republicans focus too much on their opponent and not enough on their solutions.  This leads to those outside the party to view the Republican platform as maintaining the status quo.  Those that are currently satisfied with their station respond to this.  Most in America want to improve their current condition.  So for them this in unacceptable.

I firmly believe that Americans will respond to any solution that is reasoned and aimed at helping them be the best they can be.  This is why the Democrats have been gaining ground.  In between the Bush bashing and shots at Republicans in Congress.  Democrats do offer solutions.  For Republicans to gain momentum they need to start promoting conservative solutions to problems.  They need to understand that not every American is knowledgeable on conservative government.  Take a reasoned and less combative approach to explaining conservative solutions.  Conservative ideas for government are simple and easy for the public to understand.  They are based on the very principles of our government.  So a merit based debate, as opposed to a rhetoric based debate, plays to our strength.

So we have a great philosophy.  Conservative ideology provides fertile ground for real and productive solutions for the American people.  The last piece of the puzzle is the message.  We must convey these ideas to the American people is a responsible way.  Too much time is spent on useless rhetoric that turns those not already in party away.  For example supporters of John McCain, and even John himself, spent way too much time talking about Obama.  I myself, an outsider to the Republican party, had difficulty searching for more information on John McCain.  All I found was comments about Obama.  I don’t think the American people understood what McCain would do as President.  How could they?  The dominant message from the Republican party was he is better than Obama or simply that Obama was wrong for America.  Obama on the other hand was promoting his outrageous and outlandish policies.  In the absence of anything credible.  Americans flocked to the only candidate with solutions.

So if the Republican party is to have any future.  They need to stop arguing and start working on a better America.  Republicans should spend the majority of their time talking to the American people, not at the American people.  Educate the American people on why their solutions work, not simply that they are better than the Democrats.  Realize that many in America aren’t familiar with conservative government.  After all it has been decades since we’ve had true conservative government.